Sepro’s Falcon Gravity Concentrators are high G-force units that improve the efficiency of fine mineral recovery. Each of our three models has a specific purpose and situations where it can help optimize your mineral processing project. With this in mind, our team is often asked which concentrators can perform fine gold recovery. The short answer is, all of them! However, we need to take into account the entire gold recovery circuit along with many other factors. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how each model can be used to maximize fine gold recovery. 

The Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator

Our Falcon SB model is usually the go-to gold recovery device. This machine is typically used for recovering liberated precious metals within a grinding circuit. We recommend that the gravity concentrator be placed on cyclone feed to generate the highest recoveries. However, it can also be used to recover minerals from the cyclone underflow and overflow within the circuit.

Outside of grinding circuits, fine gold recovery can also be achieved from alluvial gold operations and from aggregate plants. 

Maximum tolerable feed size is 6mm, however we strongly recommend a feed size of no more than 2mm for the highest recoveries and lowest operating costs. Mineral recoveries down to 20 micron are made possible by up to 200Gs of force generated by the SB Gravity Concentrator.  

The SB is a “Semi-Batch” unit, meaning it continually accepts feed during a run cycle, but only produces concentrate during periodic rinse cycles. The cycles last from five minutes to several hours, depending on the application. 

The Falcon C Gravity Concentrator

Our Falcon C Gravity Concentrator has been used by companies like TMAC Resources to improve the efficiency of gold recovery operations. The primary objective of the “C” model is to maximize recovery and reduce tonnage to downstream processes. For example, in situations where flotation capacity is limiting operational throughput, Falcon C Concentrators can be used as pre-concentration devices. Recovering fine gold particles prior to flotation allows mineral processing plants to optimize their flotation circuit and other downstream systems. 

The Falcon C Concentrators are capable of recovering fines missed by shaking tables, spirals, or other low G processes. Operating at up to 300Gs, this machine has the power to recover fine minerals down to 10 micron in size. 

The Falcon UF Gravity Concentrator

The “UF” or Ultra Fine Gravity Concentrator solves a very specific fine gold recovery problem, and does it very well. Some gold ores contain carbon which can interfere with the leaching process, so flotation is used to remove the carbon before leaching. However, during the flotation process, extremely fine gold particles will float with the carbon. This gold would normally be lost to tailings, but the UF has the power necessary to recover the gold from this carbon-gold slurry. No other gravity concentrator is efficient enough to separate these ultrafine particles. 

Using up to 600Gs of force, the Falcon UF Gravity Concentrator can recover and upgrade particles as fine as 3 micron. It was built to recover the particles that are usually rejected from plant processes as slimes.

Learn More About Falcon Concentrators

All of our Falcon Gravity Concentrators come in a variety of sizes to fit any mineral processing application. To learn about the technical side of these machines, visit our technical papers page. To see if a gravity concentration is right for your gold recovery process, contact our experts today. We’d be happy to talk with you about any current or future projects you may have, and how Sepro can help.