Sepro Tyre Drive Rotary Scrubber

This year, Brisbane is hosting the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy’s (AusIMM) 14th Mill Operators’ Conference, August 29-31 – and we’re sponsoring it.

Why Attend The 2018 Mill Operators’ Conference

Our Australian office has been delighted to work with some great new customers over the past year and are ready to discover more about the most exciting upcoming projects across the country.

The conference provides us with the opportunity to meet new people and discover how we can assist companies in material recovery and mineral processing. In the past we’ve had conversations from events like this that spark a whole new phase of research and development so that we can engineer a custom solution for our customers. If this is something you’d be interested in finding out about, the team would be delighted to tell you more at our booth.

Our Role As Sponsors

As sponsors, we’re not just bringing along our most knowledgeable experts but we’ve also made sure to come prepared with some of our best mineral processing equipment and swag for conference delegates.

AusIMM has been busy getting Sepro shirts ready for every delegate and if that’s not quite enough for you, head over to booth 81 where we’ll have an array of other swag.

Live Demos

The highlight of your visit to our booth however, is sure to be our live demo of the Sepro Tyre Drive Scrubber.

What better way to learn about our equipment, than to see it in use. Back in June, Hillhead exhibition visitors in England, saw exactly how this piece of equipment could work for them thanks to the live demos we were able to run.

The Tyre Drive Scrubber has helped numerous projects around the world, and is just one reason why we are a global leader in innovative mineral processing equipment, and the largest Canadian supplier.

We look forward to welcoming all attendees to our booth over the next few days and wish everyone an enjoyable visit.

If you can’t make the conference, but would like to speak to one of our mineral processing experts, contact us today.