On your mud, get set, go!

Nine of our Sepro team bravely took on the Seattle Tough Mudder just last month – and boy did they do well.

Tough Mudder Seattle

L to R: Zach, Dave, Francois, Sidney, Ahraz, Jeremy, Trevor; (front row) Kane, Alexa, Penny, Mauritz, David

Penny, Trevor, Francois, Dave, Zach, Mauritz, Darren, Ahraz, David C (and Jess’ boyfriend Jeremy), all proudly fashioned their Sepro shirts ahead of the race.

The Tough Mudder course took them across 10 miles of wading through water, diving into ice baths, climbing haystacks and dodging electric wires, all before the final hurdle of the ironically titled ‘Happy Ending’ towering wall. This obstacle is where the team elected to lock arms and go down the slide together. They then crossed the finish line together, arms still linked. Participant Trevor explained, “We displayed great teamwork. It was all about comradery and team building”.

Tough Mudder Seattle 5
We want to applaud everyone who took part, and thank all of the family, friends and colleagues who came to support them. Here are some highlights from the day.

Tough Mudder Seattle 8

Happy faces, for now.

Tough Mudder Seattle 7

Just a nice leisurely jog to start things off.

Tough Mudder Seattle 6

Things get muddy pretty fast at Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder Seattle

No pain, no gain, right…?

Tough Mudder Seattle 2

Things may have looked daunting, but everyone got through it and we all helped each other” Francois.

Tough Mudder Seattle 3

The mud didn’t seem to put Mauritz off. “Next year, we’ll do it bigger and better! More participants, more spectators.”, Mauritz.

Tough Mudder Seattle 4

Success! As a team, with lots of encouragement from each other and the spectators, they ended the day, tired, but with smiles on their faces. Tami, who came to support them all said “Cheering them on was very uplifting for [us] spectators. We were very proud”.

The mud has finally all been washed off – just about, and they’re all feeling invigorated and ready for the next challenge. Do you have any suggestions for what this champion group of mineral processing experts could take on next? Let us know on Facebook!