Parts Team


Industry knowledge sets us apart

Our Parts Team are known for their commitment to customer service. But we’re also proud of the industry experience that our personnel bring to their roles. Our Parts Team understands and anticipates customer needs because of their training and experience in:

  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Technical service
  • Mechanics
  • Metallurgy
  • Metal separation

On-site visits and training pay dividends

Our Parts Team members can train your key personnel– whether they’re in operations or maintenance – in the best ways to service and repair Sepro equipment.

We will work directly with your operations and procurement teams to close the loop between departments and customize a parts plan or enhance your company’s existing process.

Language capabilities match our global reach

We are multilingual and can offer support in: English, French, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Korean, German, Italian Mandarin, Farsi and more.

Quick tips to save you time

Your Sepro parts team is dedicated to collaborating and providing the following services:

  • Material planning
  • Procurement
  • Information collection
  • Shipping
  • Documentation

Helpful information when inquiring about an existing order or creating a new order:

  • Sepro equipment serial number
  • Model and make of equipment
  • Part Name
  • Shipping location and timeline needed