Customized Parts Plan


As the designer and manufacturer of Sepro equipment, we have an in-depth understanding of our entire product line. We understand how the equipment works and can recommend best practices for maintenance and replacement. Simply put, we will work with you to get the maximum performance and life out of your Sepro equipment.

Parts Plan benefits add up

One of the ways this deep knowledge of Sepro equipment can benefit your company’s operations is by having our Parts Team prepare a Customized Parts Plan for one piece of equipment, multiple pieces of Sepro equipment or your entire on-site operation.

The primary benefits that customers realize from a Sepro Customized Parts Plan include:

  • Increased operating time – with vital parts available on-site, your maintenance and operations staff will be prepared to conduct preventative maintenance and part replacements whenever it is convenient for them.
  • Reduced shipping costs – fewer overall shipments and reduced need for “rush” deliveries all play an important role in cost management.
  • Support for resource management – the detailed plan is relatively simple to implement and follow, freeing up time for your on-site personnel to focus on other activities.

Customized plans incorporate local factors

Before we prepare your parts plan, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your use of Sepro equipment and meet with your on-site leadership to discuss your needs. This review accounts for a large number of factors affecting the performance and wear on your equipment including:

  • type and characteristics of ore being processed
  • scale of your on-site operation
  • unique physical or environmental conditions of your site
  • time/distance away from primary shipping hubs

Your Sepro Customized Parts Plan will detail the steps to set up and maintain the recommended inventory, making it easy for your on-site maintenance personnel to keep your site operating regularly and consistently.

Sepro Story: Custom solutions that make life easier for ordering spare parts

After a discussion with several members of a customer’s team, we realized they were having problems tracking and ordering spare parts for their Sepro equipment due to the inventory management system they were using.

To make the ordering and tracking process easier for them, we made an adaptation to our labeling and inventory control measures, adding custom labels for the parts boxes being shipped with the company’s own inventory tracking number and parts name.

The bottom line: The Sepro Parts department listened to the customer and made custom changes that are now saving time, money and reducing confusion for the company.