Profitable mineral processing projects can happen anywhere in the world and can be the source of logistical nightmares for some equipment suppliers. At Sepro we pride ourselves on not only building the best mineral processing equipment around, but also providing logistical solutions for our customers. With over 1,500 operations in 94 countries, we know how to get you the products you need in a timely manner.

Here, we’re highlighting five different projects that we love from across the entire Sepro family: Minerals, Aggregates, Urban Mining, Mixing & Pumping, and Labs. If you’re looking to work with our experts for a mineral processing project, get in touch with us! We’re looking forward to helping you achieve your goals whatever (and wherever) they may be. 

Sepro Minerals

Sepro Minerals has had the pleasure of installing numerous gravity concentrators and other gold recovery equipment in Hope Bay, Nunavut. TMAC Resources has been recovering gold since February 2017 in this area of the Arctic Circle, and has since become a profitable operation. The Hope Bay area is a high-grade gold district with approximately 4.81 million ounces of gold at an average grade of 8.3g/t Au. 

Sepro has had the pleasure of helping TMAC Resources achieve record levels of gold recovery along with its first positive earnings in Q1 of this year. 

Sepro Aggregates

Sepro Aggregates has installed and maintained a Tire Drive Scrubber at one of Canada’s largest aggregate operations, the Sechelt Sand & Gravel Mine in Sechelt, BC. The mine covers over 250 hectares of land and produces over 4 million tonnes of aggregate material per year. The scrubber has been in operation for over a decade with no issues or interruptions to their operation. 

Sepro Urban Mining

Urban mining is the process of recovering compounds and elements from used products, buildings, or waste. In Hohenruppersdorf, Austria, Sepro Urban Mining has successfully commissioned a Fine Slag Treatment Plant (FSTP) to recover precious and base metals from incinerator bottom ash. 

Metals like copper, brass, gold, and silver are commonly found in household and industrial waste. Conventional techniques for recovering these elements from waste are only able to collect coarse particles above 2mm. The FSTP built for the Brantner Environment Group GmbH is able to recover both coarse and fine particles, increasing their overall revenue. 

Sepro Mixing & Pumping

As we move toward a more sustainable future, policies in local governments are changing. In BC, new laws prevent organic waste from being disposed of in regular trash bins. With large amounts of organic waste needing to be sorted and efficiently transported, Sepro’s peristaltic pumps have become a standard feature of organic waste treatment plants throughout the province. 

High-volume and powerful pumps are a more sustainable and energy-efficient choice versus moving materials with conveyor belts, forklifts, and other labour-intensive means. 

Sepro Labs

Sepro Labs provides full-service hydrometallurgical and metallurgical testing including gravity separation, flotation, leaching, solvent extraction and much more. In a recent project, we helped Nemaska Lithium improve its current lithium operation in northwestern Quebec. 

Lithium is in high demand right now as it is a vital ingredient in long-lasting batteries, and Nemaska wanted to capitalize on this trend. They wanted to find out if pre-concentration could be used to improve their project economics, raising their recovery rates while keeping costs low. Using Sepro’s Dense Medium Separator, Sepro Labs was able to deliver them some good news: more than two-thirds of lithium ore can be processed using only dense media separation at a relatively low cost. 

This is just a brief overview of some of our favourite and most recent mineral processing projects. With expertise in all areas of the industry, we can provide solutions to optimize any operation you may have, anywhere around the globe. To see what Sepro can do for you, get in contact with us.