Sepro’s President and CEO, Mark Van Kleek, shares his outlook on how people’s perspective of the mining industry has changed (and remained the same) over time. As CEO, Mark has helped lead Sepro on a path of innovation and inspired others in the mineral processing industry to look towards innovation as well. Recently, Mark found some time to take us on a quick tour around Sepro’s Vancouver manufacturing and laboratory facility while recalling his professional journey in the mining industry. 

Innovation Propels The Mineral Processing Industry

Mark states emphatically that innovation is paramount to the future success of the mining industry. Sustaining a culture of innovation is what propels Sepro forward as we work to shift the mindset that mining is still done by pickaxes and outdated technology. Mark describes his experience applying for a technology-specific MBA – he was told directly that ‘there is no technology in mining’. 

“There is no technology in mining” 

Despite recent technology innovations, there is still room for improvement when it comes to changing perceptions about the mining industry; people are more familiar with traditional mining than the current reality of the industry. However, Mark encourages everyone, and especially future generations, to look forward to more progress and more innovation in the mining industry. 

Sepro’s Culture of Innovation

Looking back at Sepro’s lineup of mineral processing equipment and operations, we see that Mark and the Sepro team push to incorporate as much innovative technology as possible to put Sepro ahead of the game. At Sepro, we keep up with the competition through our extensive range of high-quality mineral processing equipment, from our Falcon Concentrators to our Blackhawk Cone Crusher. You can even catch a glimpse of some of our equipment in the background! Though each piece of mineral processing equipment has its own features and benefits, they all have one thing in common: innovation.