Recently a Falcon SB1350B-SE Gravity Concentrator was installed and retrofitted with a Sepro Wireless Input/Output (IO) Control System at a gold project in New South Wales, Australia.  Pre-existing instrumentation and water piping were used, but the control panel was replaced by a wireless AutoPac for ease of installation and the ability to use the Falcon on various streams throughout the plant.

The control panel was installed on the ground level in an MCC container while the Falcon Concentrator was installed in the plant 3 stories above.  Commissioning was done by the Sepro Technical Service Team over the course of 2 days.

Sepro Wireless IO packages are available for Sepro supplied Falcon Semi-Batch, Continuous and Ultra-Fine Gravity Concentrators. Also available for non-Sepro brands. For more information see article: Introducing Sepro Wireless Input/Output Automation Package for Falcon Gravity Concentrators 

Top left: Antenna at distance alongside existing instrumentation
Top right: Wireless IO antenna on the Falcon instrument junction box
Bottom left: New panel in the MCC with the paired antenna
Bottom right: New panel being commissioned by Sepro Technical Service Team

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