Sepro Sponsors UBC Grad Mining Trip To Peru

UBC Mining Trip

Every year since 2005 the University of British Columbia has been running research trips for their mining graduates to extend their knowledge of worldwide mining operations, in preparation for beginning their careers in the industry.

This year, Sepro was delighted to sponsor their trip to Peru. They visited several mines across the country, giving them an insight into how different projects require different mining solutions.

Mine Tours

The group first visited Glencore’s Yauliyacu zinc, lead, copper and silver concentrate mine, three hours outside of Tarma. At an altitude of 4200m up into the mountains, the graduates learnt how the mine had been built to withstand the, almost-daily, microseismic events. Safety is a leading priority within any mine and this trip gave the ex-students a chance to see strict safety regulations in practice.

Pan American Silver’s Morococha mine was next on the agenda. Nestled between two other mineral mines, the students appreciated just how rich in minerals this region of the Andes is.

Their third tour was at Moly-Cop’s smelter in La Joya. Their main products are steel grinding balls, and so the graduates were shown exactly how they get made.

Finally, after some time as tourists, discovering the local sights and attractions, the graduate’s last trip was to Peru’s largest underground mine, Nexa Resource’s Cerro Lindo mine. Here they saw how water conservation is of high importance.

“The mine collects all its process water and water from the mine workings on the lowest levels. The water is then pumped back to surface and treated to be reused in either mining or processing activities.”
UBC Mining Engineering


Sepro chose to sponsor this trip to help enhance the knowledge and education of future mining engineers, executives and colleagues. There is huge value in being able to visit mines across the world in conjunction with theoretical studies in the classroom. Graduates develop a broader understanding of the global mining industry ahead of their careers. Several of the Sepro team are themselves, graduates of the Mining Engineering program at the University of British Columbia, such as President, Mark Van Kleek and VP Projects, Andrew Gillis.

“This trip would not be possible without industry support, and so we thank all those who have or are currently sponsoring us.”
UBC Mining Engineers

We look forward to hearing how the mining engineering grads put their new learnings into practice as they launch their careers in this rapidly changing industry. Fresh eyes play a huge part in the advancement of mining solutions and that’s why we will continue to support the next generation of mining talent.

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