Mining can be a dangerous industry. There are certain risks taken by workers in mines and quarries every day, making safety an essential element to any mining job. But even when all of the safety standards are abided by, accidents can happen. That is when knowledgeable and qualified rescue personnel step into action.

Mining Safety In B.C.

Did you know? B.C. has some of the highest workplace safety standards on the planet.

Mine rescue organizations have been around in the province since 1909, and it is a requirement for mines to provide emergency response capabilities. This requirement makes B.C. a world leader when it comes to mining safety.

The Next Generation of Mining Rescue Workers

At Sepro, we are proud to support the next generation of mining rescue workers by continuing our sponsorship of the UBC Mine Rescue Team. The team of 10 UBC students spends their time in scenario-based training sessions, preparing for careers in the industry and also mine rescue competitions.

This past year they took on the challenge of adding high angle rope rescue maneuvers to their repertoire and underground mine rescue skills for an added edge over their competitors. Their efforts paid off, as they had an excellent showing at the 2018 B.C. First Aid and Mine Rescue Competition, placing second in two of the contests and third in another.

The UBC Mine Rescue Team is currently preparing for 2019, as they will be travelling to Idaho Spring Colorado for the biennial International Student Mine Emergency Response Development competition in February. They will also be looking to improve on their rankings in next years B.C. First Aid and Mine Rescue Competition as well.  

Sepro wishes you all the best in these upcoming competitions and the future!