Delivery of 3.6m x 10m Agglomeration Drums to Indonesia, Mexico and Peru completed by Sepro

A fully assembled 3.6m x 10m Sepro Tyre Drive Agglomeration Drum on site at Peru.

Sepro Mineral Systems Corp. is pleased to announce the build and delivery of 3 separate 3.6m x 10m Tyre Drive Agglomeration Drums has been completed. Sepro technical service representatives are currently overseeing the installation and commissioning phases of the 3 machines in their respective locations of Indonesia, Mexico and Peru. The 3.6 x 10 Agglomeration Drum is currently the largest size offering manufactured by Sepro Mineral Systems.

The new Sepro Tyre Drive Agglomeration Drums incorporate standard off the shelf major components, however where requested, customized features were added to support client specific requirements. 2 of the 3 Agglomeration units feature a newly developed Sepro manufactured liner that is offered as a more affordable option to traditional alternatives. Previously used in Sepro supplied Falcon Gravity Concentrators, the liner material has demonstrated longer lasting wear resistance, reduced downtime and opportunities for all around cost savings.

In addition, the Agglomeration Drums incorporate multiple angle settings to adjust the slope of the drum. This feature allows the end user to have flexibility when monitoring the required speed and tonnage by adjusting the drum to a shallower or steeper slope as needed. Finally, in one particular case, a client had requested a redesigned discharge chute to work with their conveyor system. The Sepro team was able to identify a unique solution that met the client’s requirements without compromising the performance of the machine which will work with their existing conveyor system.

Left: Multiple angle settings allow the drum to be adjusted between 2.5 to 7.5 degrees. Middle: Customized discharge chute. Right: Improved liner in process of being installed.

Installation and commissioning of all 3 Sepro Tyre Drive Agglomeration Drums is expected to be completed with support from the Sepro Technical Service and Automation teams by mid-2017. Sepro Mineral Systems Corp. proudly manufactures Tyre Drive Agglomeration Drums in multiple sizes offered at low capital costs and short delivery times. Sepro Tyre Drive Agglomeration Drums are specifically designed to prepare feeds with high fines content on Gold and base Metal heap leaching operations. The Action in the Agglomeration Drum, combined with small additions of cement and lime, binds the fines into an agglomerated product. To learn more contact a Sepro representative today or visit the official product page.

Sepro Rotary Equipment Manager, Darren Wearmouth far right, poses with local assembly team in Mexico inside a 3.6m x 10m Sepro Tyre Drive Agglomeration Drum during the installation phase.

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