• 12.10.18

    How Sepro’s Gravity Concentrators Recover Ultra-Fine Minerals

    Demand for tin, tungsten, tantalum and other minerals is rising, putting an increasing strain on the plants that process them. Mining companies are being pushed to recover these minerals at finer, even microscopic levels. Where historically we sent these fine minerals to trailing dams, today this isn’t an… Read More

  • 12.07.18

    Sepro Sponsors The Next Generation Of Rescue Workers

    Mining can be a dangerous industry. There are certain risks taken by workers in mines and quarries every day, making safety an essential element to any mining job. But even when all of the safety standards are abided by, accidents can happen. That is when knowledgeable and qualified… Read More

    UBC Mine Rescue Team
  • 12.04.18

    Our Mineral Processing Research

    Sepro Mineral Systems is dedicated to becoming the leading single-source supplier of global mining, metal and aggregate solutions. We believe that our continual advancements in technology and mineral processing allow our customers to thrive regardless of market conditions, improving their bottom lines. Our heavy investment in research and… Read More

  • 11.23.18

    TMAC Achieves Record Gold Recovery Performance With Falcon SB

    TMAC Resources have just had a record-setting quarter by measure of tonnes mined, tonnes processed, gold production and gold sales. Gold recovery improvements have been attributed to their investment in gravity concentrator units like the Falcon SB400. TMAC is so pleased with their performance that they have ordered… Read More