• 10.09.18

    How To Get The Most Out Of Your Cone Crusher

    Cone crushers generally have one function – to break large rock into smaller pieces. When it comes to choosing a cone crusher, there are an array of features you should look for depending on the nature of your project. Here are just a few to consider. What size… Read More

    Blackhawk 100 Features
  • 09.20.18

    The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Our Falcon Gravity Concentrators

    Each day our teams across the world are asked questions about our gravity concentration equipment by project managers seeking the best solutions for their mineral processing needs. We’ve rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions to help simplify your hunt for a new gravity concentrator. What… Read More

    Falcon Gravity Concentrator
  • 09.10.18

    Here’s What It’s Like To Work At Sepro Mineral Systems

    The Sepro UK team at Hillhead 2018 Sepro Mineral Systems is Canada’s largest supplier of mineral processing equipment, with offices around the world. Created from and continuously shaped by innovation, the company is now an industry leader with a growing number of employees in 18 countries worldwide. Get… Read More

  • 09.05.18

    Using Sepro Leach Reactors In A Gold Recovery System

    In recent months, we’ve shared some of the success stories from our customer’s gold recovery sites. Our Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator has been the focus of much of the news, however, there is another piece of equipment that can improve recovery even further when incorporated into a gold… Read More

    Sepro Leach Reactor