• 09.05.19

    Are You Ready for World Gold 2019?

    Two of the top mineral processing conferences are back to back this year and you better believe that Sepro will be at both! From September 9th ‘til the 13th, we’ll be at the Crown Perth in Australia to discuss all the latest innovations in the mining and metallurgy… Read More

  • 08.29.19

    Two Men Dupe Investors With A Gold Mining Scam

    Our oceans contain 20 million tons of gold, but at only 13 billionths of a gram per litre of water, gold recovery is difficult.  Now, what would you do if someone showed you, directly in front of your eyes, that they could recover massive amounts of gold from… Read More

  • 08.23.19

    How to Survive the Mineral Processing Industry with Humour (Maybe)

    Surviving the mineral processing industry is no easy task. Gone are the days when you could direct ship your 1,000 g/t gold ore to China for $2,000/oz (that’s how mining worked up until 2011, right?). Here at Sepro, we mostly survive by laughing about it behind the scenes… Read More

  • 08.22.19

    How To Choose The Right Agitator

    Mixing technology is deceptively complex and can be difficult to understand for someone who is not well-versed in the science. Although industrial agitators are often grouped with pumps and other fluid transport methods, more knowledge is needed when choosing an agitator. For example, pumps can often be selected… Read More