Research & Development


At Sepro, we believe that ongoing improvements in technology and day-to-day processes are an essential element in ensuring our customers will thrive regardless of market conditions.  As a research-oriented company, our focus is on customer needs and maximizing their continued growth and success.

Ongoing efforts to anticipate changing industry requirements

It’s this focus that has helped us evolve into a single source process and equipment company, resulting in the evolution of ground-breaking new technology such as the Blackhawk100 Cone Crusher and various other innovations.

As we work with our customers in both the field and the lab, we’re continually striving to develop new technologies and methodologies to achieve the best results in mineral processing and aggregate production. Our Research & Development work focuses on improvements in four distinct areas:

  1. Continuous improvements of existing products
  2. New variations of existing product lines
  3. New Products and Technologies
  4. Novel applications of existing technology

Culture and collaboration drive customer-focused innovation

Sepro’s collaborative and flexible internal culture and a close understanding of our customers’ needs drives  innovative changes.  Combining this with Sepro’s in-depth research, extensive field testing and our ongoing commitment to Research & Development the results are significant.

Looking for support to think outside the box?

If you have an idea, or are looking for an answer beyond the capabilities of current technologies, connect with the Sepro Projects Department today. Leading Research and Development starts by asking the right questions. We want to hear from you so that together we can start mapping the next big advances in mineral processing, aggregates and beyond.

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