April 22nd marks Earth Day 2018. It is a day where people across the world, focus on the environmental issues facing our planet. From plastic pollution to deforestation, overfishing to water usage. The mining industry has a presence in almost every continent on earth and therefore has a responsibility to play their part in supporting the health of the planet.

We believe that as a provider of mining, metal and aggregate solutions, it is our duty to make environmentally conscious equipment available to mineral processors and aggregate producers. We are committed to investing in research and development to find innovative ways to run efficient machines.

Efficient Mineral Processing Equipment

At Sepro, we have a whole team dedicated to R&D to work on the highest quality equipment that can stand the test of time in this quickly developing landscape. In the last few years our investment in R&D has resulted in innovative equipment such as the the Blackhawk100 Cone Crusher. This cone crusher was engineered with small to medium-sized projects in mind. Many cone crushers available are intended for large projects and therefore cannot be efficiently used on smaller projects. Its build quality also means that there is a simplified maintenance process which again improves efficiency and requires fewer resources for optimal use.

Thankfully, due to improvements in energy efficiency, the Canadian industry (including mining) saved $3 billion in energy costs*. As we continue to produce more energy efficient equipment, we hope to see the industry save even more on energy costs in the future.

Water Usage In The Mining Industry

Browse our infographic on water usage in the mining industry for insightful statistics:

Water is a valuable resource and so it’s no surprise that there is pressure from governments, charity and environmental experts for every industry to reduce water usage. The amount of water used by the mining industry in Canada accounts for 3% of all water use nationwide**. While 3% doesn’t necessarily sound like a large amount, it is still a significant proportion. In fact, the amount of water used by mines, thermal-electric power producers and manufacturers rose 8% from 2011 to 2013.

Our Falcon Gravity Concentrators are built to be low water machines. Neither the Falcon UF, nor the Falcon C Gravity Concentrators require any additional water to be added during processing, unlike many other products out there. The wider the use of these machines for gravity concentration, the less water will be used in our industry. We are currently working to reduce water usage on our Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator even more. Already, the SB requires half the water, or less, that equivalent products need. Reducing this by even more will be a huge step in improving water usage in mining across Canada and the world. Sign up to our newsletter to hear about our latest product updates and research.

To find out more about our efficient cone crushers and low water gravity concentrators, contact our mineral processing equipment experts by phone, fax or send us a message. Our sales support team can provide you with full product information as well as advice on our installation, automation, training and testing services.



*Source: Natural Resources 2017
**Source: Statistics Canada, 2017 (2013 data)