Sepro Mineral Systems is committed to improving the day-to-day processes of our customers by investing in research and development. This drives us to provide clients with equipment reflective of the continually changing mining industry. Currently, we are seeing an increase in environmental stewardship and an emphasis on sustainability, all at a time when demand for minerals has never been higher. We are inspired to create the most advanced mining equipment possible, like our innovative gravity concentrators. 2019 will be no different as we continue to improve our technologies (and your bottom line) with research.

We have four incredible projects we are excited to be working on in 2019.

Clean Water Reduction

We are partnering up with UBC to work on ways to reduce water consumption in our Falcon SB gravity concentrators. We have managed to eliminate process water consumption in our Falcon C and Falcon UF models and believe we can cut down on water usage in our SB model, too. Creating products that don’t rely on water enable the equipment to perform in areas with limited access to the resource, opening up brand-new mining opportunities. This isn’t the first time we’ve partnered up with UBC either! We also support their Mining Rescue Team and annual Graduate Research Trip.

Energy Saving Comminution Technology

We are continually striving to reduce energy consumption in our existing products, but sometimes there are opportunities to create something new and better! Right now, we are developing new grinding technology in comminution that is more energy efficient and productive than regular grinding mills. Stay tuned for updates happening later on in 2019!

Higher Pressure Peristaltic Pumps

Back in 2016, Sepro acquired Canamix as part of our commitment to providing state-of-the-art equipment and complete plant solutions to the mining and aggregate industries. Canamix manufactures high-quality peristaltic pumps and agitators in Canada but has worldwide distribution. We are now discovering new ways to pump at higher pressures to fulfill heavy pumping duties involving high-density solids. Peristaltic pumps are built without impellers, making them more versatile than centrifugal pumps. More powerful pumps are on their way!

Improving Metal Recovery

Sepro Urban Metals is a division that specializes in recovering high-value metals from urban waste sources. With increasing demands for metals like gold, copper, palladium as well as rare earth elements, we are coming up with better ways to recover and refine metals from scrap. Incinerator bottom ash (IBA) is one way we are recovering precious metals. IBA is the material that does not fully combust in waste-to-energy and incineration facilities. By improving extraction methods from this residue, we can recycle more metal, lessening our dependence on processing ore.

At Sepro, we believe these advances will create a sustainable way to maximize growth and success, regardless of market conditions. Contact our mining experts today, if you are looking for the most technologically-advanced and sustainable aggregate equipment.