• Description


    Key Advantages

    • Short delivery times
    • Low installation costs with no heavy foundation requirements
    • No critical components such as ring gears, chain drive, steel wheels or trunnion bearings
    • Standard, off-the-shelf major components to minimize any downtime
    • Commercial heavy truck tyres that can easily be sourced locally
    • Units are all pre-assembled and shop tested
    • Rubber shell liners and lifters for long life and ease of replacement
    • Shell supported design allows for quick and efficient maintenance
    • Various configurations available (overflow or grate discharge)

    Sepro Tyre Drive Grinding Mills are a reliable solution for small and medium capacity grinding applications, and are suitable for Ball, Rod and Pebble charges.

    Sepro Grinding Mills come complete with a variable frequency drive (VFD) package which allows you to fine tune the operation of the grinding mill based on the charge and mining application. No auxiliary drive is required to perform maintenance, which is done quickly with minimal heavy lifting due to the simple removal of the grate or discharge head to access the mill internals. Sepro Mill shells are manufactured in one piece to high quality standards and are thermally stress relieved to eliminate localized high stress areas. Sepro Grinding Mills utilize the Sepro Pneumatic Tyre Drive System (PTD) which provides an alternative to standard trunnion supported grinding mills. This system of rubber tyres mounted on independent gear boxes provides excellent serviceability and reliability, having been well proven in numerous difficult mineral processing applications. An instrumental feature accompanying Sepro’s tyre driven equipment is the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) which comes standard with each Sepro rotary control console.

    Pilot scale grinding mills are also available for pilot plant and laboratory use.

  • Applications

    Sepro Tyre Drive Grinding Mills are used in a variety of applications, including:

    • Small tonnage plants – primary grinding
    • Regrinding mills
    • Reagent prep
    • Lime slaking

    Designed for use with ball, rod or pebble charges, Sepro Tyre Drive Grinding Mills are the comprehensive solution for small and medium capacity grinding applications. Sepro offers a rugged and dependable Grinding Mill that can be used in a variety of processes such as small tonnage plants, reagent prep, lime slaking, or regrinding.

    Equipped with a tyre drive system and a custom engineered rim and hub assembly, Sepro Grinding Mills require only standard, off the shelf major drive components to minimize downtime onsite unlike standard trunnion bearing drive systems. The use of a tyre drive system also results in significant maintenance cost savings over time. These heavy duty grinding mills are equipped with either an overflow or grate discharge configuration dependent on your mining plant specifications. Our team of knowledgeable process engineers will advise you on what size and configuration is right for your application.

  • Specifications


  • Automation

    Sepro’s line of heavy duty Grinding Mills utilizes a powerful and rugged Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) package, allowing the equipment operation to be fine-tuned based on the application. The Rotary Control Console (RCC) component features a touch-screen HMI (Human Machine Interface), which is used to control and monitor the operating parameters. Every Sepro Grinding Mill AutoPAC comes complete with a jacking cradle, tyre pressure sensors, and hardwired safety limit switches.

    The tyre drive system is a stand-out feature included in Sepro Grinding Mills. The drive is built to be simple, effective and low maintenance. Tyres are designed to be removed individually without complicated shaft, bearing and coupling arrangements. Tyres are carried on purpose built wheel assemblies, which are driven by a bevel/helical gearbox direct connected to the electric motor. Starting and speed control is done via an AC variable frequency drive.

    Every Grinding Mill manufactured by Sepro comes complete with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Located within the Rotary Control Console (RCC), the TPMS feature protects the operation from costly downtime due to under-inflated tyres. The system works as a closed loop control, allowing the HMI to disable the VFD should the operating conditions of the equipment stray outside of its defined parameters. Monitoring the equipment’s tyre pressure greatly improves machine performance over time.


    Variable Frequency Drive Cabinet (VFDC)

    • NEMA 12 / IP 51 Enclosure
    • Vacon NXS VFD w/ Ethernet
    • Fused Disconnect
    • Line and Load Reactor
    • Control Relays

    Rotary Control Console (RCC)

    • NEMA 4 / IP 66 Enclosure, Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS)
    • Redlion G308 HMI 8.4” Screen w/ Ethernet
    • Start / Stop / E-Stop Pushbuttons
    • Control Relays
    • Five Port Ethernet Switch