• Description

    Key Advantages

    • Designed to suit your mineral processing requirements
    • High quality modular construction
    • Proven reliability of Sepro equipment used
    • Modularized single source supply reduces costs
    • Easy to ship globally
    • Easy to reassemble and commission
    • Designed to have minimal civil work requirements

    Utilizing our experienced team of engineering professionals, Sepro Mineral Systems designs and builds modular systems, mobile and containerized mineral processing plants for a wide range of minerals. We create solutions using an array of processing techniques that encompasses numerous unit process operations. Complete mineral and metal recovery plants are assembled utilizing Sepro Mineral Systems manufactured equipment, but are optionally designed to accommodate innovative solutions and equipment from a wide variety of vendors and sub-contractors.

    Sepro’s engineering team creates versatile and expertly designed process solutions to match even the most difficult specifications. All modular, mobile and containerized plants may include primary and secondary crushing, screening, agglomeration, washing and scrubbing, dense medium separation, grinding, gravity concentration, flotation and leaching.

    Plants and operations are designed to minimize construction time, minimize expenses, and to be easily serviceable in remote locations. Commissioning time on site is decreased by thorough shop testing of the major components and sub-assemblies.

    All of Sepro’s modular and mobile plants are designed to international processing and safety standards and can easily be containerized, shipped and reassembled, even in the most remote locations in the world!

    Process testing is critical to the success of any plant, and our partnership with a full service metallurgical laboratory provides Sepro the opportunity to fine tune the process to suit the ore type.

  • Applications

    Mineral applications include, but are not limited to:

    • Precious metal recovery
    • Crushing and screening systems
    • Heap leach agglomeration and conveying systems
    • Gravity recovery systems for tin/tungsten/tantalum
    • Construction aggregate washing and classification
    • Nickel laterite slurry prep plants

    Sepro Mineral Systems is able to provide customized solutions based around our wide range of equipment.


    Designed to allow the rapid deployment of a complete
    mineral processing plant, Sepro Mobile Mill systems are ideal for smaller tonnage operations and / or mining operations with short mine life. Easily re-locatable, the main process equipment is mounted on road transportable custom built trailer assemblies. These mineral processing plants require minimal site civil works. Mobile processing plants can be designed to encompass a wide variety of process options from crushing through to the final concentrate collection.


    Custom modular mineral processing plants are engineered around structural elements that are simple and easy to erect on site and minimize civil and infrastructure costs. These plants can be designed with larger equipment for higher tonnage mining applications than that of the Sepro Mobile Plants.


    Sepro Mineral Systems offers several package options as standard mineral processing plants. These plants are normally designed around a single recovery or process option such as dense medium separation or gravity concentration. Sepro Mineral Systems maintains critical components in stock for quick delivery.