• Description


    Falcon C Gravity Concentrators Key Advantages

    • Unit capacities up to 100 t/h
    • The variable frequency drive (VFD) enables control over G force based on application
    • Advanced wear materials and a modular design decreases downtime and reduces maintenance costs
    • High gravitational field (up to 300 G) allows recovery of very fine particles
    • No fluidizing water consumption or offline time for concentrate flushing
    • Produces high density (variable mass yield 0 – 40%) concentrate therefore no thickeners required
    • Continuous production of concentrate at >70% solids
    • Greater than 95% mechanical availability, extremely low operating costs
    • Small footprint
    • Fully automated, “one touch” operation that
      provides the least amount of offline time and
      highest possible mineral concentrate security

    Falcon C Gravity Concentrators are typically used in mineral recovery applications that require a higher mass yield to mineral concentrate when compared with Falcon SB Gravity Concentrators. Often utilized for the recovery of valuable fine mineral particles, Falcon C Gravity Concentrators are capable of collecting fine minerals missed by dense medium separators, spirals or any other low G processes.

    Designed for continuous duty, Falcon C Gravity Concentrators are able to produce mass yields as high as 40%. The primary objective of the Falcon C Gravity Concentrators is to maximize mineral recovery and reduce tonnage to downstream processes. The mineral recovery technology is ideal for scavenging or pre-concentrating mining applications as well, since no water is added during processing.

  • Applications

    The Falcon C Gravity Concentrator is used in a variety of mineral processing applications, including:

    • Primary concentration of tin, tantalum, tungsten, chrome, cobalt, iron, fine oxidized coal and uranium
    • Scavenging of fine particles lost by low G force processes and flotation
    • Pre-concentration of heavy minerals

    Sepro’s line of enhanced gravity concentrators provides the best value and performance for your application. Installed in a variety of mineral recovery processes throughout the globe, Falcon Gravity Concentrators are well proven as the optimal choice for fine metal and mineral recovery by gravity.

    Our team of dedicated metallurgists and engineers continue to research and develop Falcon design, with the goal of achieving even greater recovery results ‘unachievable’ in the past. Sepro Mineral Systems recognizes that each gravity concentration circuit is unique, offering a line of mineral recovery equipment that is unequalled in parametric flexibility.


    Treating Screen U/S







    Continuous centrifugal concentrators (Falcon C) are utilized where separation of a relatively small amount (typically 5-20% of the mass) of fine heavy materials from a relatively large amount of lighter gangue is required. 1.0 mm generally applies as the maximum feed particle size to a Falcon C.

    Treating Cyclone U/F or Cyclone Feed







    Similar to batch centrifugal concentrators (such as the Falcon SB) installed within gold grinding circuits, a continuous centrifugal concentrator (Falcon C) can be used to extract valuable heavy minerals as soon as sufficient liberation is achieved, especially if such minerals are more friable than gangue which is often the case (particularly for tin, tantalum, tungsten minerals). Early extraction avoids overgrinding and generation of unrecoverable slimes. A shaking table may be used to clean the continuously produced concentrate.

    Treating Cyclone O/F


    Flow 2A






    The Falcon C is suitable to pre-concentrate or scavenge before or after a leach or flotation circuit. The gravity concentrate and gravity tails are then treated separately, for example:

    • Pre-concentration: “Royal treatment” (extended leach retention time or intensified leach conditions for gravity concentrate, while gravity tailings follow the conventional leach stream
    • Scavanging: Return to mill (Gravity concentrate scavenged from flotation of leach tailings is returned to the grinding circuit for additional liberation
    • Scavanging: Sulfide isolation (Sulfides from flotation tailings are recovered into gravity concentrate for isolated handling / deposition)
  • Specifications

    Please contact Sepro Mineral Systems for certified capacities for your given application.

    Falcon Continuous Gravity Concentrators

    Falcon Continuous Gravity Concentrators

  • Automation

    Each of Sepro’s high quality Falcon Gravity Concentrators are supplied with a Programmable Automation Controller (AutoPAC). Sepro Mineral Systems Corp. incorporates industry leading automation technology to enable long-term, maximum mineral recovery on site with each unit.

    The standard Falcon Gravity Concentrator AutoPAC includes a programmable variable frequency drive and dynamic brake to control various operating parameters including acceleration ramp, centrifugal field, deceleration ramp, and power draw. The dynamic brake is an integral part of the AutoPAC, as it allows the rotor bowl to come to a stop rapidly to reduce lost production time or in the event of a malfunction.

    Some of the key automated features include: vibration sensor/monitor, safety limits, alarms, timers, solenoid control, data trending and automatic shut-down. The splash proof AutoPAC cabinet also houses a touch-screen Human Machine Interface (HMI). This HMI is used to control and monitor the operating parameters which assist with the optimization of mineral concentrate production. Optionally, the AutoPAC can also be connected to an on stream analysis system which allows the Falcon Gravity Concentrator to maintain optimum metallurgical performance while operating conditions change.

    The comprehensive Falcon Gravity Concentrator AutoPAC is simple to operate as all controls and programmable features are factory preset before commissioning. The standard version offers the flexibility of being a complete control package that can operate as a stand-alone unit or can also be integrated into onsite MCC, DCS, PCS, SCADA, etc.

    Process Water Manifold

    • Pneumatic Proportional Valve
    • Pressure Transmitter
    • Solenoids for Purge, Rinse and Filter Clean


    • Single NEMA 3R / IP54 panel
    • Siemens 7″ Colour Touch screen HMI with Ethernet
    • Siemens PLC with Ethernet
    • Siemens VFD with Ethernet
    • Complete with Pushbuttons, Relays, Mains Disconnect and Protection Devices
    • 24VDC Control Voltage for Solenoids/Enstruments
    • Dynamic Braking package

    Air Compressor
    A source of clean, dry, high-pressure air is required for the operation of the Falcon C Gravity Concentrator throttling valves that regulates the heavies underflow rate. Sepro supplies several compressor options for purchase with this model, contact us for more information.

  • FAQ

    What is Falcon C Gravity Concentrator technology?

    Falcon C (Continuous) Gravity Concentrator technology is a family of truly continuous enhanced gravity concentrating machines that has been proven in commercial applications to be able to withstand 300G concentrating fields while delivering superior metallurgical and mechanical performance at throughputs in excess of 100 t/h. Each machine consists of a single moving part. A feed stream enters the machine and is divided into high and low density fractions. Proportioning of exit streams is continuously variable by the operator.

    What are the major industries that use Falcon C Gravity Concentrator technology?

    Falcon C Gravity Concentrators are used for Au, Ag, Ta, Sn, Coal, Iron ore, Titanium sands and Cr applications.

    Why should I choose a Model C Falcon Gravity Concentrator?

    • The variable frequency drive (VFD) enables control over G force based on application
    • Advanced wear materials and a modular design decreases downtime and reduces maintenance costs.
    • High gravitational field (up to 300 G) allows recovery of very fine particles
    • No fluidizing water consumption or offline time for concentrate flushing
    • Produces high density (variable mass yield 0 – 40%) concentrate therefore no thickeners required
    • Continuous production of concentrate at >70% solids
    • Greater than 95% mechanical availability, extremely low operating costs
    • Small footprint
    • Fully automated, “one touch” operation that provides the least amount of offline time and highest possible concentrate security

    Does this gravity concentrator consume process water?

    No. Model C Falcon Gravity Concentrators require no fluidization water. The dense fraction is produced at pulp densities usually in excess of 70% solids and is well deslimed. The light fraction pulp density is very close to that of the incoming feed.

    What are the differences between the Falcon SB, C and UF Gravity Concentrators?

    Falcon SB Gravity Concentrators are batch-type concentrators that use fluidization water to obtain a high-grade mineral concentrate and a mass pull to concentrate << 1%. SB’s are used primarily for the recovery of precious metals in the free, metallic state.

    The Falcon C Gravity Concentrators on the other hand, do not require any fluidization water and are mainly used for pre-concentration and scavenging where high mass recoveries are required. C machines can pull up to 40% of the feed mass as mineral concentrate.

    Falcon UF Gravity Concentrators are the latest addition to the Falcon family with a very specialized function: the recovery of ultra-fine mineral concentrate down to 3 microns. The UF Gravity Concentrator uses a variable lip controlled by air pressure to achieve maximum particle recovery.

    How do I compare machines from different manufacturers?

    Concentrating surface area (CSA), centrifugal field, machine power and weight are most important.

    What operating costs can be expected?

    The simple and robust design of the Falcon C Gravity Concentrator means that unit operating costs are the lowest in the industry, normally a few cents per tonne treated.

    What do your model numbers mean?

    The model prefix designates the machine type. The suffix is the approximate concentrating surface area of the machine in square inches. A C2000 is a continuous unit with approximately 2000 in² of concentrating surface area.

    How sharp a separation does the Falcon C Gravity Concentrator make?

    Falcon C Gravity Concentrators are normally capable of concentration ratios in the order of 4. Fortunately, it is very easy to configure Falcon C Gravity Concentrators in rougher/cleaner or even rougher/cleaner/cleaner configurations. This gives the mineral-processing Engineer the opportunity to achieve both very high mineral recovery and very high grade with a single, simple, proven technology.

    What top size should be fed to Falcon C Gravity Concentrator machines?

    Top size is 1 mm. Falcon C Gravity Concentrators are specifically designed for recovery of very fine minerals, down to 20 microns and less. If your separation involves target minerals coarser than 1 mm, it would be best to look at other technologies for the coarse fraction.

    How do you calculate the “G” forces produced by a centrifugal field?

    Centrifugal Field in G’s = Rotor Diameter (inches) x RPM2 ÷ 70471.

    Are there ‘gravity-only’ flowsheets available?

    Yes, Sepro Mineral Systems has developed unique flowsheets to help clients achieve previously unobtainable recoveries without using any reagents such as cyanide. Visit Falcon C Applications for several example ‘gravity-only’ flowsheets.

  • Technical Papers

    Sepro Mineral Systems devotes a substantial amount of time and revenue to the design and metallurgical performance of its mining technology. A large portion of this is conducted by Research Institutes, Universities and onsite trials.

    Our company appreciates the commitment and research conducted by the various parties throughout the mining industry. The technical papers contained herein are our proof of the time spent on designing the best range of equipment for the industry, and a tribute to those involved with Falcon Gravity Concentration technology.

    1. Continuous Gravity Concentration in Gold Gravity Circuits View PDF
    2. Falcon Fine Recovery View PDF
    3. Falcon Concentrators: A High Capacity Fine Coal Cleaning Technology View PDF
    4. Centrifugal Concentrators in Gold Recovery and Coal Processing View PDF
    5. Application of the Falcon Concentrator for Fine Coal Cleaning View PDF
    6. Evaluation of a full-scale C40 Falcon Concentrator for Fine Coal Cleaning View PDF
    7. Enhanced Gravity Separation: An Alternative To Flotation View PDF
    8. The Challenge of Coal Preparation View PDF
    9. Enhanced Gravity Separators: New Alternatives For Fine Coal Cleaning View PDF
    10. The Application of Centrifugal Washing for Fine Coal Cleaning View PDF
    11. More Than a Decade of Experience With Continuous Falcon Concentrators at the Tantalum Mining Corporation of Canada’s Lac Du Bonnet Operation View PDF
  • Laboratory Testing


    Testing is vital to determine the amenability of a mineral ore to separation by gravity concentration. Sepro Mineral Systems strongly recommends testing with Met-Solve Laboratories Inc.

    Please contact Sepro or Met-Solve before sending samples. A technician will be happy to consult with you regarding the following:

    • Sample Requirements
    • Recommended Test Procedures
    • Program Description
    • Cost Proposal

    Met-Solve Laboratories Inc. Laboratory Test Procedure

    A sample testing proposal will be issued prior to testing to ensure aspects of the test campaign are examined thoroughly.

    The sample mineral test procedure is very straightforward. On average, if the water pressure and operational speed are correct for the material being treated, the Falcon Gravity Concentrator SB 40 produces about 100g of dry concentrate. Depending on the mass-pull required, for the given percentage of heavies that you would like to recover from the material, choosing the initial feed mass is very important.

    There are two types of tests, one to investigate recovery into a very low mass (Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator) and the other to investigate maximum recovery (Falcon C Gravity Concentrator).

    Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator Batch Test Falcon C Gravity Concentrator Simulation
    Recovery of free gold, silver or platinum from process streams. Recovery of metals and minerals from process streams.
    Samples are usually from the milling circuit. Samples are usually from tailing or feed streams i.e. scavenging or pre-concentrating minerals.
    Mass recovery to concentrate is typically less than 1% of feed. Mass recovery to concentrate is cumulative; 10, 20 and 30%.
    Produces a high grade mineral concentrate. Produces a high recovery concentrate

    A Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator test is quite simple, where pulped material is fed into the Falcon SB 40 and the feed, concentrate and tailings are weighed and assayed to calculate recovery. More steps are required for a C test.

    The multiple-pass C test allows a grade recovery curve to be drawn up that incorporates mass recovery. The continuous Falcon C Gravity Concentrator technology is designed to pre-concentrate or scavenge metals and minerals from process streams and maximize recovery.

    To find out more information and request a cost proposal, visit the Met-Solve Laboratories website: http://met-solvelabs.com