• Falcon C Gravity Concentrator Features

    Falcon C Gravity Concentrators are primarily used to maximize mineral recovery and reduce tonnage to downstream processes. The Falcon C is capable of collecting fine minerals that would be missed by dense medium separators, spirals and other low G processes. Some of the machine’s key features are:


    • Unit capacities up to 100 t/h
    • Advanced wear materials and a modular design decrease downtime and maintenance costs
    • High gravitational field (up to 300 G) allows recovery of very fine particles
    • Able to produce mass yields as high as 40%


    • Fine mineral recovery down to 10 microns
    • Fully automated, “one touch” operation, minimizes offline time and offers the highest mineral concentrate security
    • Continuous production of concentrate at >70% solids
    • Ideal for scavenging and pre-concentrating mining applications


    • No fluidizing water consumption or offline time for concentrate flushing
    • Produces high density concentrate (0 – 40%) therefore no thickeners are required
    • Greater than 95% mechanical availability and extremely low operating costs
    • Small footprint
    FeatureFalcon SBFalcon CFalcon UF
    Material recoveryGold, silver and platinum group metalsTin, tantalum, tungsten, chrome, cobalt, iron, fine oxidized coal and uraniumUltra fine particles including tin, tantalum and tungsten
    Process Water Consumption (m3/hr)25-35NoneNone
    Maximum G-Force 200300600
    Mass Yield To ConcentrateLow (<1%) Variable (0-40%)Variable (0-100%)
    Selective Particle Recovery6mm to 20 micron1mm to 10 micron75 micron to 3 micron
  • FAQs

    What is Falcon C Gravity Concentrator technology?

    Falcon C (Continuous) Gravity Concentrator technology is a family of truly continuous enhanced gravity concentrating machines that has been proven in commercial applications to be able to withstand 300G concentrating fields while delivering superior metallurgical and mechanical performance at throughputs in excess of 100 t/h. Each machine consists of a single moving part. A feed stream enters the machine and is divided into high and low density fractions. Proportioning of exit streams is continuously variable by the operator.

    Does this gravity concentrator consume process water?

    No. Model C Falcon Gravity Concentrators require no fluidization water. The dense fraction is produced at pulp densities usually in excess of 70% solids and is well deslimed.

    What operating costs can be expected?

    The simple and robust design of the Falcon C Gravity Concentrator means that unit operating costs are the lowest in the industry, normally a few cents per tonne treated.

    What do your model numbers mean?

    The model prefix designates the machine type. The suffix is the approximate concentrating surface area of the machine in square inches. A C2000 is a continuous unit with approximately 2000 in² of concentrating surface area.

    What top size should be fed to Falcon C Gravity Concentrator machines?

    Top size is 1 mm. Falcon C Gravity Concentrators are specifically designed for recovery of very fine minerals, down to 20 microns and less. If your separation involves target minerals coarser than 1 mm, it would be best to look at other technologies for the coarse fraction.

    Are there ‘gravity-only’ flowsheets available?

    Yes, Sepro Mineral Systems has developed unique flowsheets to help clients achieve previously unobtainable recoveries without using any reagents such as cyanide.

    Contact our experts if you have any other questions, or call one of our four offices, North America on 1-800-990-5568], Australia on +61 (08) 9245-4514], Austria on +43-2167-42-333-12 or United Kingdom on +01634-720224.

  • Technical Papers

    Sepro Mineral Systems devotes a substantial amount of time and revenue to the design and metallurgical performance of its mining technology. This is so that we can create the best performing equipment possible. You can read the latest research on the Falcon Gravity Concentrators in the technical papers below. Much of the research shown was conducted by research institutes, universities and onsite trials.

    1. Continuous Gravity Concentration in Gold Gravity Circuits View PDF
    2. Falcon Fine Recovery View PDF
    3. Falcon Concentrators: A High Capacity Fine Coal Cleaning Technology View PDF
    4. Centrifugal Concentrators in Gold Recovery and Coal Processing View PDF
    5. Application of the Falcon Concentrator for Fine Coal Cleaning View PDF
    6. Evaluation of a full-scale C40 Falcon Concentrator for Fine Coal Cleaning View PDF
    7. Enhanced Gravity Separation: An Alternative To Flotation View PDF
    8. The Challenge of Coal Preparation View PDF
    9. Enhanced Gravity Separators: New Alternatives For Fine Coal Cleaning View PDF
    10. The Application of Centrifugal Washing for Fine Coal Cleaning View PDF
    11. More Than a Decade of Experience With Continuous Falcon Concentrators at the Tantalum Mining Corporation of Canada’s Lac Du Bonnet Operation View PDF
  • Laboratory Testing


    For support in determining the amenability of a mineral ore to separation by gravity concentration, we recommend laboratory testing with Met-Solve.

    To find out more about the tests available to those using the Falcon C Gravity Concentrator and what the sample requirements are, call our experts or visit the Met-Solve Laboratories website to request a quote proposal.

    Alternatively, ask us about the Falcon L40 which allows our customers to conduct their own tests on site.