As a research-oriented company, Sepro is always looking for new ways to help our customers reach their goals. Whether it’s designing new technologies like the Blackhawk 100 Cone Crusher or improving current products like our gravity concentrators, Sepro leads the industry in customer-focused innovation.

Our current direction is to bring you increased productivity with energy-efficient and resource-conscious equipment. Upgrades to our already effective Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator and a new energy-saving grinding technology are currently in the crosshairs of our R&D team. 

Using Less Water For Higher Gold Recovery Rates

Sepro’s Falcon C and UF models of gravity concentrators already operate without additional fluidizing water for mineral recovery. These advanced pieces of mineral processing equipment are used mainly for the recovery of tin, tantalum, and tungsten, among other minerals. 

The Falcon SB, which recovers gold, silver, and platinum group metals, uses approximately 25-35m3/hr of process water. This is soon to change as our research team is in the midst of early research to develop technology that eliminates the need for fluidizing water in the Falcon SB. 

Not only will this mean a more eco-conscious machine, but gold recovery among all particle ranges will also improve. You’ll be able to recover more, using less resources. 

Saving Energy In Comminution Circuits

Sepro is working closely with industry leaders to bring energy savings to comminution processes. Using a short blast of high-powered microwaves at the beginning of a comminution circuit heats the ore and cracks it along mineral grain boundaries. This separates the valuable minerals from waste. After removing the waste material, energy is directed only where it is needed, toward the valuable ore. 

Using this technology has yielded energy savings of up to 70% compared to standard comminution systems.

Driving Innovation Forward

With a thorough understanding of your needs, we can create innovative processes to help you reach your goals. Whether you need to increase your gold recovery rates or save energy, we can create the ideal mineral processing solution to fit your needs. If you’re looking for answers beyond the abilities of current technologies, or want to know more about our existing line of mineral processing equipment, contact Sepro today.