Mineral Processing & Testing

sepro-advantage-mineral-processing-testing-banner-820x183Beyond Sepro’s long-established history of supplying mineral processing equipment such as Falcon Gravity Concentrators, we are an emerging leader as a single source supplier of complete mineral processing plant solutions.

Skilled engineers make the difference

Our experienced team of field-trained metallurgical process engineers are key to helping you meet the challenges you face at your particular site. They’re fully prepared to assist you by identifying the solutions, equipment, processes and testing that will best meet your project’s unique requirements.

From test work to extensive engineering experience our staff have the qualifications and experience to provide the solutions you’re looking for.

Flexible modular designs

We believe in balance. It’s why we start with our pre-engineered building block modules which allow us to customize flexible plant solutions for specific client needs. Our knowledgeable team is well positioned to address concerns and problems through innovation, superior test work and proven design.

At Sepro, we’re able to assist with a wide variety of high-grade mineral processing and recovery applications including:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Tin
  • Tungsten
  • Chrome
  • Tantalum
  • Cobalt
  • Iron
  • Fine oxidized coal
  • Uranium
  • Nickel
  • Fine aggregates

Effective testing pays off by eliminating uncertainty

Sepro partners with Met-Solve Laboratories Inc. for testing services including gravity concentration, hydrometallurgical extraction, and froth flotation. The test results remove uncertainty and determine the best process to extract target metals and minerals. We identify the best testing methodologies at each stage of the process development cycle from mineral beneficiation to metal production.

Met-Solve also specializes in process development for clients with custom needs and unique projects, working closely with clients at all stages of the development cycle to help meet their project objectives.

Let us help your development and production by delivering prompt high-quality test results for better mineral recoveries. Visit to learn more.

For more information on any of Sepro’s mineral processing and testing capabilities, contact us.