Mineral Processing & Testing


Sepro partners with Met-Solve Laboratories Inc. to provide our customers with testing services that can improve mineral recovery operations.

As an emerging leader of mineral processing plant solutions worldwide, it’s important we at Sepro offer support to ensure our customers are getting the most from their equipment.

Our technical support team can speak with you about the best way to test the materials you are recovering. Then, Met-Solve can create a custom test to help you find the results you need to improve your mineral processing operations.

Mineral Testing With Falcon Gravity Concentrators

For those looking to use our range of Falcon Gravity Concentrators, Sepro has created the Falcon L40 which allows customers to conduct their own mineral testing on site.

The Falcon L40 is a lab-size gravity concentrator that can be used to do preliminary mineral processing tests before launching full-scale operations with Falcon Gravity Concentrators. Call our team to find out more about the Falcon L40.