Canamix and Sepro team
Sepro Mineral Systems is proudly the largest Canadian mineral processing equipment provider, but there is also much more to Sepro.

Over the decades, Sepro Mineral Systems Corp has evolved to become an industry leader in complete aggregate and mining solutions thanks to the partnerships we’ve formed with other aggregate and mineral processing companies.

Here’s more about the divisions of Sepro Mineral Systems that we’re honoured to partner with.

iCon Concentrators

After the success of the Falcon Gravity Concentrators, our Falcon engineers turned their attentions towards the needs of artisanal miners across the world. Through a request from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), they founded iCon Concentrators to develop extremely low cost equipment based on the Falcon technology, that would eliminate the need for toxic chemicals during gold recovery. Today, the company continues to improve both the health of artisanal gold miners and their surrounding environment.

This association has allowed the Sepro group to develop a deeper understanding of the best practices for mineral recovery on all size projects, from some of the largest in the world, to the work of artisanal miners in some of the smallest communities in the world.

Met-Solve Laboratories Inc.

Our associations in fact go beyond mineral recovery equipment. We work very closely with Met-Solve Laboratories to offer our customers a wide range of testing services, to ensure the process flowsheet and plant design will meet the recovery targets for every client’s project.

Met-Solve’s mineral and metallurgical testing facility provides tests that give customers an insight into the metallurgical properties of their ores and how these ores can be processed to meet the project objectives.

Having a close association between Sepro Mineral Systems and Met-Solve Laboratories puts our customers in an advantageous position where their project needs are addressed in every stage of development. From process flowsheet design to equipment sizing and selection, each client’s unique objective can be achieved in an efficient and practical manner.


Canamix has been producing and supplying agitators and peristaltic pumps locally and internationally since 2009. Canamix’s president, Warren Dale, has over 40 years of agitator design experience that shows through the quality of their products.

Based just a short distance from the Sepro Mineral Systems headquarters, Canamix products have been used in Sepro equipment, such as Sepro Leach Reactors, since before our 2016 acquisition of Canamix.

The acquisition encouraged the exploration of new research and development projects to implement improvements in equipment lines for both companies – and customers.

Sepro Urban Metals

Energy efficiency and innovation are key values within the Sepro organisation and that’s why Sepro Urban Metals was formed.

Sepro Urban Metals has worked closely with electronic waste recyclers in Europe to develop innovative processes to recover gold and other metals, to produce metal concentrates which can be sold directly to refiners at a profit and to generate an environmentally clean waste stream that is free of toxic chemicals.


Earlier this year, we were delighted to announce our most recent acquisition – Carminex. Our new partnership with the aggregate equipment parts provider, has allowed both companies to expand our knowledge and expertise of the aggregates industry. Carminex specializes in Hewitt Robins equipment, and are a go-to for anyone seeking replacement parts.

Between Carminex and Sepro Mineral Systems, we continue to provide quality equipment for aggregate producers both here in Canada, and worldwide.

Find out more about all of our associated companies here, or call your local mineral processing equipment expert to hear how Sepro, and our partners, can make sure your project runs as effectively as possible.