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Teaching self sufficiency for sustainable growth

The goal of our Technical Services Team is to have your site personnel become the experts in running and maintaining your Sepro equipment. To do this, we’ve assembled a tool kit of resources, skills and knowledge on each Sepro product so that your team can be efficient and effective drivers of day-to-day operations.

Reduce downtime, plan maintenance and control operations

One way of taking advantage of Sepro’s world class technical services and expertise is by working with our team in a proactive, planned way over the initial years of operating new equipment.

Whether you’re working on mining processes or aggregates production, our team can help you maintain or exceed your operational targets while advising you on issues such as appropriate maintenance, process improvements or safety.

This type of ongoing support work is a way for us to guide customers in achieving efficiencies and integration across their entire operation. We can also provide advice around upgrading equipment: showing you how to improve operations with a new/upgraded approach.

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