Automation guided by in-field experience

Sepro offers a full range of Automation Support services, based on years of in-the-field research and study of best practices improvement. Our Technical Services Team work with customers to get optimal performance from their equipment, whether it’s with one machine or an entire processing operation.

Reducing costs of ownership and other benefits

We do full-service automation for our customers and pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive to their needs. This work can involve a wide range of options: from out-of-the-box automation to customized solutions based on your specific on-site requirements.

Our goal is always to increase safety and productivity at the operational level while reducing the overall cost of ownership. We’re also able to provide ongoing support for your projects, and retrofitting equipment if necessary. Sepro Automation Support customers typically see increased fleet utilization and lower maintenance costs as the equipment is consistently running at optimal levels.

Combining Sepro technology with smart design

We continue to look at ways to improve our technology and implementation through developments on Sepro Flow Control and Sepro Smart Drive Tech.

With Sepro Flow Control we’ve been able to reduce installation and operating costs for customers through good automation design. Sepro Smart Drive Tech has improved safety and machine wear with smooth dynamic acceleration/braking and the ability to run a machine without a PLC.

We’re able to integrate Sepro equipment with our customers PCs and SCDA system without any extra hardware or programming time.

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