Technical Papers

Sepro Mineral Systems devotes a substantial amount of time and revenue to the design and metallurgical performance of its mining technology. A large portion of this is conducted by Research Institutes, Universities and onsite trials.

Our company appreciates the commitment and research conducted by the various parties throughout the mining industry. The technical papers contained herein are our proof of the time spent on designing the best range of equipment for the industry, and a tribute to those involved with Falcon Gravity Concentration technology.

Falcon C Gravity Concentrators

1.Continuous Gravity Concentration in Gold Gravity CircuitsView PDF
2.Falcon Fine RecoveryView PDF
3.Falcon Concentrators: A High Capacity Fine Coal Cleaning TechnologyView PDF
4.Centrifugal Concentrators in Gold Recovery and Coal ProcessingView PDF
5.Application of the Falcon Concentrator for Fine Coal CleaningView PDF
6.Evaluation of a full-scale C40 Falcon Concentrator for Fine Coal CleaningView PDF
7.Enhanced Gravity Separation: An Alternative To FlotationView PDF
8.The Challenge of Coal PreparationView PDF
9.Enhanced Gravity Separators: New Alternatives For Fine Coal Cleaning View PDF
10.The Application of Centrifugal Washing for Fine Coal Cleaning View PDF
11.More Than a Decade of Experience With Continuous Falcon Concentrators at the Tantalum Mining Corporation of Canada’s Lac Du Bonnet Operation View PDF
12.Mineral Processing 101 View PDF

Falcon SB Gravity Concentrators

1.The Gravity Recoverable Gold Test and Flash FlotationView PDF
2.Development of the Falcon ConcentratorsView PDF
3.Falcon Fine RecoveryView PDF
4.Gravity Concentration of Gold From Cyclone Feed In Grinding CircuitsView PDF
5.Centrifugal Concentrators in Gold Recovery and Coal ProcessingView PDF
6.University of Liege Comparison of the Knelson and Falcon Centrifugal SeparatorsView PDF
7.Enhanced Gravity Concentration for Precious Metal Recovery
Cyclone Feed and Base Metal Circuits
View PDF
8.Gravity Recovery Of Gold From Within Grinding CircuitsView PDF
9.Gold Recovery 101 White PaperView PDF
10.Start-up, commissioning and optimization of the gravity circuit at
Atlantic Gold’s Moose River Project in Eastern Canada
View PDF

Falcon UF Gravity Concentrators

1.Pushing The Limits of Gravity ConcentrationView PDF
2.Improving Fine Particle Recovery through Equipment Behavior ModificationView PDF