At Sepro Mineral Systems, we continue to improve and present industry-leading equipment through our knowledge and innovation. In the past, not only have we produced the Falcon “C” concentrator that consumes little to no process water, but have also innovated to create the Falcon “UF” gravity concentrator that can recover particle as fine as three microns.

It’s a big deal when we say that 2022 brings another big leap in innovation – a better centrifuge bowl that brings a 30% increase in gravity gold recovery.

Interested in learning more? Here are some of the innovations that we’re excited for in 2022.

The Next Frontier – Introducing the Sepro Frontier Bowl

The Sepro Frontier Bowl is a new centrifugal concentrator bowl that will soon be installed on all Falcon gravity concentrators and can also be retroactively fitted to older Knelson concentrator models.

Our engineers at Sepro have performed multiple rounds of testing to ensure that our claims are substantiated when we say that the Frontier bowl brings about a substantial increase in production – up to 30% – with test results exceeding our initial expectations.

Of all the other items in this list, our team is particularly excited about this innovation in 2022. Bring on the next Frontier!

Never Crack Under Pressure – Introducing the Elliptical Hose

Sepro Mixing has had a variety of innovations take place within the last year, and we’re proud to present one of our newest products – an elliptical hose for high pressure peristaltic pumps.

Not only does this product significantly impact the world of peristaltic pumps, but its applications can be generalized to pinch valves and other pump types as well.

Here are some of the benefits of an elliptical hose over conventional peristaltic pumps:

  • Longer Hose Life – Reduced fold angles ensures a very long hose life.
  • Higher Pressure – A peristaltic pump equipped with an elliptical hose can pump at the same rate at higher pressure or a higher rate at the same pressure as the circular-hose equivalent
  • Higher Pumped Medium Temperatures – Elliptical pumps can pump higher temperature media at the same pressure or higher pressure at the same temperature.
  • Larger Particle Size Allowance – The maximum particle size for the elliptical C150 is ~40mm, almost double that for conventional pumps.  This is particularly relevant for any industrial installation that may occasionally experience tramp oversize. This is quite a “large” advantage if we do say so ourselves.

Sepro Mixing is dedicated to not only bringing to you the best products on the market, but also the mixing knowledge to help optimize your installation. We’ve demonstrated that the industry standard for mixing direction can be incorrect in some cases. You can watch our video on Up-Pumping vs Down-Pumping to learn more.

Innovation in products, innovation in process design. Always working harder so that your equipment is the best on the market – that’s what Sepro Mixing stands for.

Continued Bragging from 2021 – Microwave Treatment of Ores

Seriously, if you haven’t heard of Microwave Treatment of Ores already, you really should have. Not only does this treatment represent a 13-65% increase in throughput but does so with reduced water usage and additional cost benefits.

  • Higher valuable mineral recovery, and higher concentrate grades.
  • Reduced tailings production, and lower energy consumption.
  • Do we really need to say any more? Apparently, we might.

You can learn more about Microwave Treatment of Ores here, or contact one of our engineers to learn more about this new technology.

You know what? It’s fun to microwave rocks.

Let’s Crush It – The SPI-5000

Did you know that we have the most operator-focused crusher on the market?

No, seriously.

The Sepro Primary Impactor 5000 portable plant functions as both a primary and secondary crusher and is portable with a fuel capacity of 14 hours of operation. By being able to house both the impact crusher and screen as a closed-circuit plant, the SPI-5000 gets the same job done while taking up less real estate in your operation.

Fewer costs related to set-up and transport, while also remaining versatile and dependable.

It’s almost as if all the different parts of your crushing operation decided to work together in a cohesive space without faulty parts, inefficient storage, or a massive headache at the end of the day. Working together! Synergy! What a novel idea.

Thus the Earth shall turn to Ash – IBA Metal Recovery

You might already be aware of how much global warming is going to impact our generation and many future generations to come.

Innovation at Sepro doesn’t just include optimization of products and services, but also the way we think about sustainable mining. At Sepro Urban Mining, we’ve found a way to recover -2mm metals from incinerator bottom ash which means that even more of our customers can selectively recover previous metals and heavy metals from discharge at their waste-to-energy incineration facilities.

Along with our ability to recover metals from electronic waste, it’s safe to say that our Urban Mining branch is well positioned to take on the problems of 2022 and beyond.

Much More to Come

We predict that 2022 is going to be a standout year for the mineral and aggregates industry, with new technologies and processes going to market from our R&D lab.

We’ve spent months, if not years, perfecting some of the technologies that we plan to present in the coming months. We’ve more than substantiated our research results, and we’re looking forward to showing you the latest and greatest equipment that the mining industry has to offer.

Got any questions for our team? Curious to learn more about the technologies we’ve listed above? Contact one of our engineers today!

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