Whenever mineral processing companies come to us for new equipment, efficiency is always a key focus. The more efficient a project, the lower the operation cost and, the lower its environmental impact. Saving money and the environment are two things most project managers want.

How Can Mineral Processing Companies Reduce Energy Usage?

Using High Efficiency Equipment Is A Must

Much of the equipment available to mineral processing companies does not feature technologies that improve efficiency. At Sepro we understand how significant a priority efficiency is for our customers and that’s why we have a range of high efficiency machines available. For example, we understand that it is nigh on impossible to avoid extracting waste during mining operations and there therefore needs to be a solution to easily reject waste particles early in the mineral processing plant. One such solution is Sepro’s Condor Dense Medium Separator which is designed in a way that removes waste particles while retaining the vast majority of the valuable ore.

Don’t Cut Back On Commissioning

While it can seem as though commissioning and training are luxuries rather than necessities, they can save a project a lot of time and energy in the long run. All too often, new equipment wastes energy by being used without the appropriate commissioning and training. We see commissioning as a vital stage in integrating equipment into a new or existing operation. From experience of working with previous clients, commissioning can improve bottom-line results as well as safety – which is another highly important focus of any project. In Sepro’s commissioning process, we work with your operations staff to provide training and ongoing technical support to ensure you get the most from your mineral processing equipment.

Product Focus: Sepro’s Condor Dense Medium Separator

Condor Dense Medium Separator

Sepro’s Condor Dense Medium Separator is a highly efficient piece of equipment with high throughput capacity, recovering particles ranging in size from as fine as 0.5mm to as coarse as 50-70mm. It is intended for the pre-concentration and concentration of metals, oxides and sulphides such as nickel and tin as well as industrial minerals and silicates like phosphate and coal. Unlike most other dense medium separators, ours has two stages of separation in one unit which provides the capability of being able to generate two separate products. Or alternatively, the two units can be used in another way. They can be used to produce an even cleaner output of the one mineral you are extracting. With $4.5 billion of coal being exported from Canada alone (Natural Resources Canada, 2016), there is room for mineral processors to benefit from moving to the more efficient dense medium separators on the market today.

To find out more about Sepro’s Condor Dense Medium Separators, or our commissioning services, contact our mineral processing experts. Call your local office, send us a message or schedule a meeting to discuss your mineral processing operation.