Each day our teams across the world are asked questions about our gravity concentration equipment by project managers seeking the best solutions for their mineral processing needs. We’ve rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions to help simplify your hunt for a new gravity concentrator.

What Is The Difference Between The Falcon SB, Falcon C and Falcon UF?

The differences between each of our Falcon Gravity Concentrators are related to their intended application. You can see some of the most notable differences in the graphic below.

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Gravity Concentrator Comparison Table

How Much Process Water Do The Falcon Gravity Concentrators Require?

The Falcon Continuous (C) and Falcon Ultra-Fine (UF) do not consume any process water. Water efficiency is a high priority for our R&D teams, which is why we are continuously working towards reducing overall water consumption in our equipment, especially for the Falcon SB. Hear what Sepro President & CEO, Mark Van Kleek, has to say about the importance of water efficiency in the mining and aggregates industry.

What Size Particles Can Be Recovered?

As can be seen above in the concentrator comparison table, the particle sizes recovered vary with the equipment and operation parameters. Our Falcon (UF) is designed to recover extremely small particles down to 3 microns. Both the Falcon C and Falcon Semi-Batch (SB) can also recover fine particles down to 10 and 20 microns respectively.

How Do The Falcon Gravity Concentrators Compare To The Knelson Concentrator?

There are two key differences between the Falcon Gravity Concentrators and other gravity concentration equipment on the market:

1. Their g-force regime

Falcon Gravity Concentrators have significantly more power than similar alternatives, such as the Knelson Concentrator (as referenced in the table below).

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The Falcon’s high g-force power allows for increased settling velocity of even the finest particles. This leads us to the second big difference between Falcon Gravity Concentrators and other products:

2. The size of the particles they can recover

Each Falcon can recover very fine particles, but the Falcon UF can recover the finest particles within the industry. A study found that because of this, the Falcon UF outperformed the Knelson Concentrator when recovering tantalum.

Our equipment experts would be happy to discuss the full range of differences between Sepro’s Falcon Gravity Concentrators and other gravity concentration options.

How Quickly Can The Falcon Gravity Concentrators Be Delivered?

We can deliver in as little at 8 weeks, With most deliveries arriving within 12-14 weeks of ordering. Please feel free to discuss your timelines and needs with us so we can provide your equipment in a time frame that suits you.

What Should I Look For When Choosing A Gravity Concentrator?

There are several things to look out for when selecting gravity concentration equipment for your project. In addition to delivery times, power and applications as previously discussed, here are a few questions to consider when making your next purchase:

1. What size particles can it recover?

A benefit of all of our gravity concentration machines is that they can recover fine particles. While the Falcon UF can recover the finest, it may not necessarily be the most appropriate option for the materials you are processing. A good equipment company should be able to advise you on this.

2. Can you try a lab scale version first?

Any gravity concentration equipment purchase is a large commitment that comes with some risks. Because of this, we developed a lab scale gravity concentrator called the Falcon L40. This allows customers to try a Falcon Gravity Concentrator on a smaller scale to test how it could affect their mineral recovery. Met-Solve Laboratories, a member of the Sepro group of companies, offers lab-scale testing with the Falcon L40. From testing with the Falcon L40, they can determine the mineral recovery, develop process flowsheets, and supply the customers with data to help decide whether to fully implement Falcon Gravity Concentrators.

3. Most importantly, what success stories can they show you?

Our R&D teams at Sepro not only work on producing brand new equipment, but also perform studies to make sure our equipment is providing top results. You can see some of our previous technical papers here.

We have a number of examples of how our Falcon Gravity Concentrators have worked for multiple clients and their specific needs. Check out the latest news on how the Falcon SB helped Canadian gold producer TMAC improve their recovery.

In addition to large-scale mineral processors, artisanal miners have also benefited from our designers. Our engineers partnered with the United Nations to develop a piece of equipment that could improve gold recovery and the safety of artisanal miners. Watch the iConcentrator story.

To find out more about how our gravity concentration equipment can help you, speak to one of our experts. Did you know we can also engineer modular process solutions to meet your specific mineral processing requirements? Our global teams are available to provide the support your need today.