If you’ve attended any mining industry events lately, we’re sure there’s one topic that made the program at least once – water. Our teams have recently visited Expomin 2018 in Santiago and the CIM Convention in Vancouver and on both event schedules, was the topic of water consumption.

At Expomin a few weeks ago, our team spoke to many guests who after listening to the scheduled presentation on this very topic had questions on how our mineral processing equipment uses water. We’ve talked about the intricacies around this in several of our recent blogs however much of the conversation we had with people at Expomin 2018 was around the Falcon L40 that we had on display.

Falcon L40 Gravity Concentrator

What Is The Falcon L40 Gravity Concentrator?

The Falcon L40 is a lab scale piece of equipment that can be used to do preliminary mineral tests before fully implementing a Falcon Gravity Concentrator. Those using the machine can see the initial water savings that can be expected from switching to our full-size gravity concentrators. To find out more about the Falcon L40, speak to one of our experts.

Like at Expomin, there was a strong focus on water usage in the CIM Convention’s program. Simon Hille, VP of Global Innovation, Metallurgy & Processing at Goldcorp Inc., discussed their company’s H2Zero strategy. Goldcorp aim to reduce water consumption on their existing sites by 50%. This is a great initiative that will heavily rely on efficient equipment. At Sepro, we’ve heard from more and more companies who are prioritizing water usage on their sites. It clearly a growing trend in our industry, both for environmental reasons but also cost-saving. The likes of the Falcon UF Gravity Concentrator require no water at all during processing, which will save mineral processors huge sums in water costs.

Have you been to any events or talks recently on the matter? Let us know on Facebook or LinkedIn and tell us if you’ve noticed a greater shift towards water efficiency in mining this year?

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