Gravity separation is a great method for separating valuable minerals from processed ore. As with anything, instant success can’t be guaranteed and that is why testing is so important.

To our Falcon Gravity Concentrator customers, we always recommend two kinds of tests to start their gravity separation project.

1. Use lab scale gravity separation equipment first.
2. Perform mineral tests.

Lab Scale Gravity Separation Equipment

We engineered a lab scale Falcon gravity concentrator, called the Falcon L40, so that our customers could do preliminary tests to discover how viable it would be to use gravity separation equipment for their whole project.

The Falcon L40 will deliver results that suggest how economically, and environmentally, feasible the project will be. Sepro’s Falcon C and Falcon UF Gravity Concentrators, require no process water which can seem unusual at first, but our customers can see the environmental and economical benefits of this right away.

The Falcon L40 can be delivered anywhere in the world, within a matter of weeks.

Gravity Separation Tests

[Metallurgical testing with Met-Solve Laboratories]

The second type of testing we recommend is metallurgical testing. We work closely with Met-Solve Laboratories, a division of Sepro Mineral Systems, to help our clients find out the quality of the minerals they are recovering with gravity separation. The results of these tests can help clients refine their project, or make decisions on scaling their project up.

Canadian gold producer, TMAC, began using the Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator this year. They began with one concentrator before the results of tests they ran suggested they should expand their gravity separation operations. TMAC’s Chief Operating Officer, Gil Lawson, this summer reported that,

“In our first month operating a Falcon SB400 in the Plant we achieved a recovery for the month of 83%, which is very encouraging for the very first month of its operation. We tested the unit with our lowest grade stockpile for about half the month before feeding the Plant with higher grade blends. The performance improvement of the concentrator line met our expectations given the various grade regimes that were tested to achieve this average recovery….we have ordered additional gravity concentrator units that will be installed beginning later this summer that will drive further improvements and take us to the point where we will begin optimization and seek our ultimate recovery target of greater than 90%”

TMAC’s decision to test the economic viability of using gravity separation equipment has worked out well for them, which we are delighted about. They are a prime example of why we strongly recommend testing.

To enquire about our lab scale gravity separation equipment, or mineral testing services, contact us today. Alternatively, you can also speak directly to our Met-Solve Laboratories team, here.