Engineering & Design


Expertise in mineral processing and aggregates production

Our Engineering Team are experts in key areas of mineral and aggregate processing, focusing on both products and processes. We offer both pre-engineered and customized solutions depending on your requirements.

Utilizing high-end methodologies to achieve outstanding results

To ensure the structural integrity and durability of its designs, our Engineering Team uses the latest electronic modeling technology to take designs from concept to functional working solutions. These tools include:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    Knowing how individual components within a complex assembly react under real world conditions is critical. We use FEA to evaluate and refine a number of important considerations involved in developing complex assemblies such as welding requirements and material selection required for each component within a complete system.
  • Rigid Body Dynamics
    Complimenting FEA, we use Rigid Body Dynamics to create a simulated environment and identify how parts work with each other. We run test simulations to ensure accuracy and optimal performance before translating into final concepts.
  • 3D modeling
    In line with our commitment to innovation in design, Sepro was an early adopter of 3D modeling software, giving us years of experience in leveraging the increased productivity and rapid prototyping this unique technology offers. Our ongoing application of 3D modeling provides us with a competitive edge, increased productivity and unique rapid prototyping capabilities.

Engineering is key to research & development

Sepro engineering plays a key role in the company’s ongoing Research & Development. With our commitment to quality and continuous improvements, we’re always looking for ways to improve existing products or invent new ones to meet customer needs.

From proven technology such as Falcon Gravity Concentrators to newer developments including Blackhawk Cone Crushers, Sepro engineers are always ready to collaborate and move forward with industry-leading products and solutions.

For more information on any of Sepro’s engineering and design, contact us.