Sepro is dedicated to investing in research and development to produce equipment that supports mineral processing companies as this industry evolves. It was after years of research that the ground-breaking technology behind our Blackhawk100 Cone Crusher was created.

The Blackhawk Cone Crusher’s Size

Blackhawk 100 Cone Crusher

Anyone in the mining and aggregate industry will know that high capacity mineral processing equipment tends to be very large. This was the first issue behind the creation of our Blackhawk Cone Crusher. Small and medium sized operations may not have the room, or need, for a large cone crusher but they do still require high capacity equipment. Many mineral processing equipment manufacturers overlook the needs of smaller mining and aggregate operations so we saw a gap for a new product. Having a product that is the right size for your operation means energy won’t be wasted.

If you visited our booth at the AGG1 Expo in Houston, Texas last month, you may well have seen just how compact the cone crusher is. Its size is a huge benefit and one that has impressed many of our mining and aggregate clients across the world.

The Lock Bolt Design

Torch or burning rings are often needed with cone crushers. Our heavy investment into R&D resulted in our novel lock bolt design which holds the cone liner in place thus eliminating the need for a torch or burning ring. The lock bolt also means that there is no potential for damage during liner changes.

Simplified Operation And Maintenance

Blackhawk Cone Crusher In Use

When working with a new product, learning how to properly operate and maintain it can be chore. We are well aware of this and that is why the Blackhawk 100s are built in a way that means operation and maintenance is simple and straightforward. The cone crusher is driven via a flexible coupling leading to the electric drive motor. This arrangement eliminates the need for sheaves and v-belts, (as well as their associated maintenance).

To discuss incorporating our cone crusher into your operation, call or send a message to our mineral processing experts today.