In a recent Fraser Institute survey of global mining executives, Nova Scotia was revealed to be one of the least attractive places to invest in.

A new project titled, “The Minerals Play Fairway” project looks into $19.5 million funding to research the potential Nova Scotia could have for quarrying and mineral processing projects.

This research isn’t just to attract new projects to the area, but also to learn more about how to improve safety, land management and environmental management on existing quarrying and mineral processing operations.

In Nova Scotia, the mining and quarrying industry currently generates $420 million every year. With new data from the proposed project, existing operations could find ways to improve the efficiency of their plants which could lead to even more economic activity.

Creation of MRANS

Earlier this year, the Mining Association of Nova Scotia created an organization called the Minerals Research Association of Nova Scotia (MRANS). MRANS focuses on creating jobs in the province’s mining and quarrying industry.

Currently, over 5500 people are employed by the mining and quarrying industry in Nova Scotia. MRANS will also be responsible for managing the Mineral Play Fairway project. If the project discovers more mining and quarrying opportunities, the number of people employed by the industry could increase.

Once the Mineral Play Fairway project has found the funding needed to begin research, it will be interesting to see the results of their investigations. If the research finds that lands have good potential, mineral processing companies could well look to Nova Scotia as a prime area to invest in.

Do you have any thoughts on this project? What are your predictions for the province’s mining and quarrying industry? Perhaps you’ve worked in the area in the past, or are located in Nova Scotia right now?

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