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  • 05.17.19

    Gravity Separation Equipment

    There are several devices that use gravity separation for the purpose of heavy mineral and gold recovery. From simple jigs to high G-force gravity centrifuges, knowing which one to use for optimal mineral processing can be complicated and difficult to understand. There are so many factors to consider… Read More

  • 04.10.19

    The Science Behind Gravity Separation

    Gravity separation has been used for centuries to separate different minerals and metals based on their specific gravity. Some of the earliest recordings of this science in practice are from Ancient Egypt as workers panned for gold in the Nile river. While today’s geology enthusiasts still pan for… Read More

    Gravity acting on water droplets
  • 03.19.19

    The Metals We Recover With Gravity Concentration Technology

    Sepro’s Falcon series of gravity concentrators allow operators to recover a diverse range of metals and minerals down to a possible three microns in size. The metals that we help recover are used every single day in ways you might not realize, such as in beauty products and… Read More

    Gold Flakes
  • 02.27.19

    The Best Applications For Your Blackhawk Cone Crusher

    Looking for mining equipment like a cone crusher can be a complicated task. There are many considerations to take into account like cost, power, maintenance, delivery time, safety features – the list goes on. Once you’ve decided on a cone crusher, there are different sizes to choose from… Read More