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  • 08.06.19

    How Does A Sepro Leach Reactor Recover Gold?

    Cyanidation is the most common method of leaching gold from ore, but not all leach reactors are made equal. On large scale gold recovery operations, even the smallest of changes can have a major impact on overall performance. While a difference of 98 to 99% target mineral recovery… Read More

  • 07.29.19

    Which Falcon Concentrators Can Recover Gold?

    Sepro’s Falcon Gravity Concentrators are high G-force units that improve the efficiency of fine mineral recovery. Each of our three models has a specific purpose and situations where it can help optimize your mineral processing project. With this in mind, our team is often asked which concentrators can… Read More

  • 07.18.19

    Ore Sorting vs. Dense Medium Separation In Mineral Processing

    For successful mineral processing design it’s critical to evaluate the possibility of preconcentration or waste diversion before grinding. Mess up this step and you could be hit with avoidable downstream CAPEX and OPEX costs.  At its core, preconcentration means exploiting particle differences as early as possible so that… Read More

  • 07.02.19

    Mineral Processing 101

    Sepro’s complete understanding of mineral processing allows us to push the limits of our industry. Through decades of research and trials, we’ve engineered powerful, high G-force gravity concentrators and customizable gravity recovery circuits, which deliver unparalleled performance to our customers. But all of our designs, equipment, and processes… Read More