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  • 06.14.19

    Supporting Our Local Community

      Sepro Mineral Systems is proudly Canadian.   Part of what makes us proud to be a Canadian company is helping out local communities. With roots in Langley, BC, we’ve taken numerous opportunities to sponsor local rescue workers, mining clubs, and youth organizations. We believe it’s important to… Read More

    Youth Unlimited Art Auction
  • 06.11.19

    Innovative Mineral Processing With Microwave Technology

    At Sepro, we believe that effective mineral processing can be achieved using less energy and natural resources as compared to standard systems. We invest heavily in research and development to bring you innovative solutions like our Falcon Concentrators, which use little to no fluidizing water during mineral recovery.… Read More

  • 06.03.19

    Sepro Australia Sponsors Gold Panning Championship

    Panning is the oldest method of gold recovery. It takes skill, perseverance, and patience to collect the tiny flecks of gold carried by river currents. Over the years, this mining technique turned into a hobby similar to metal detecting, and with this change came competition. People wanted to… Read More

  • 05.29.19

    Metals And Minerals That Are In Demand

    The growing emphasis on sustainable energy is driving demand for specific metals and minerals. Electric vehicles, renewable energy sources, and increasing government regulations are all affecting the mineral processing industry like never before. With so much change, we’ve put together a short list of metals and minerals that… Read More