Headquartered in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, Sepro Group operates a number of bases around the world. Sepro provides a dynamic, challenging and enjoyable environment with excellent working conditions and benefits. Team members from departments such as engineering, sales and technical service work collaboratively to produce the best equipment and process solutions for our customers.

Our Values

Instead of listing what we feel our ideal values are, we took a different approach and asked employees at every level what they think Sepro values are, based on their experiences here at the company. Read on to learn what they had to say, below:

Innovation at Every Scale

Careers Innovation

“There are a lot of ways to innovate. Sometimes innovation means we create a brand new type of technology, and sometimes it means we find the problems in existing technology and fix them.” – Engineering employee. 

“Sepro genuinely encourages everyone to think outside the box, whether it’s design or logistics, or just helping the customer get the result they want.” – Quality assurance employee.

Integrity and Service for Our Customers – Putting Them First

“The reason I applied to work at Sepro eight years ago, is they were the only one that asked me if I took pride in my work. Everyone here does.” – Shop employee. 

“I’m out on site and I can see that we go above and beyond what’s expected of companies to support our customer. We take our warranties very seriously. It’s nice to know we really stand behind our product.” -Tech services employee. 

“The customer’s needs are the top priority. We’ll adjust our processes and logistics to keep a customer satisfied.” – Accounting employee.

Continuously Improving Our Products and Each Other

“Even as Sepro has grown, we have maintained the agility we’ve had from day one in improving constantly. We’re always asking ‘how can we be better’? When someone has an idea for a small change that’ll help, we make those small changes. It adds up to big improvements.” – Quality assurance employee. 

“We’re always making changes for the better. If I see a problem and point it out, we won’t wait to fix it.” -Tech services employee.

Quality Benefits Matter

Every company will have their own means of being competitive with salaries, benefit plans and vacation time – including Sepro. We asked employees how the benefits we offer contribute to their lives and well-being,  and a few common themes emerged:

Family and Health

Every employee had a story about how Sepro valued their family life, mental health and medical needs. 

“I had a surgery and was worried about recovery, but they really went out of their way to support me.” – Shop employee. 

“Sepro is so family oriented. They value our lives outside of work, and I think it helps make us even more productive because there’s that balance.” -Tech services employee.


Another common theme was respect; employees felt like they were respected as people, as well as  professionals. 

“Accomplishments are genuinely acknowledged and rewarded. Once you’ve demonstrated your skills, those skills are respected and trusted.” – Sales employee. 

“No one in the company is unapproachable – at every level, everyone is humble. Anyone can go talk to our CEO, Mark Van Kleek, and have their opinion heard and valued.” – Shop employee. 

Sepro Encourages a Positive Atmosphere

Working hard is great, but enjoying yourself is great too – and that’s something some employees mentioned they appreciated. 

“At a certain level, you have to come to work and enjoy it. The company works hard to run events that are actually fun and that employees want to do.” – Accounting staff. 

“I really liked that they took us to see Star Wars. It’s just different from what you’d expect.” – Anonymous, self-proclaimed nerd.

Current Career Opportunities

Production Shop Manager (Aggregate & Mining Machinery)

Sepro Mineral Systems Corp. is a growing Canadian Company (Montreal, Quebec and Langley, BC) operating internationally in the mining, metals, and construction aggregates industries. Sepro’s core business for the last 30+ years has been the supply of mineral processing equipment and plants, metallurgical testing, and process consulting.

This position is only available to Canadian residents.

Our facility in Sainte-Anne de Bellevue (Montreal, QC) is growing rapidly, and we have an opening for a Production Shop Manager.


• Primary duties will be scheduling and overseeing assembly and testing of our various products in a safe and timely manner.
• Managing after sales service and warranty work in the region
• Supervise the shop technicians and ensuring they are following mechanical assembly procedures.
• Maintaining all tools, lift trucks, overhead crane, etc.
• Completing factory test documents and working with the QA manager.
• Training shop technicians on advanced mechanical procedures.


Preference will be given to persons with a relevant certification or post-secondary education:

• Industrial Mechanic/Millwright ticket (Canadian Red Seal).
• Diesel, Heavy Duty or Commercial Transport Mechanic.
• Electrical certification with mechanical aptitude/experience.

The ideal candidate possesses the following assets:

• 5+ years as a senior, certified, mechanic or maintenance manager.
• Spoken and written command of French and English.
• Broad mechanical experience, including hydraulics, bearings, gearing, welding, etc.
• Competent and comfortable with three phase electrical work and motor control
• Experience with crushing, screening, and aggregate heavy machinery.
• Has worked in a heavy equipment shop or mining/aggregate site environment.
• Experience with Microsoft programs and ERP systems

You will be joining a small, growing team here in Montreal, with a flexible work environment and excellent benefits package. The shop is indoors and has free employee parking.

This position is salary pay, not hourly.

Hours are regular Mon – Fri schedule, reporting to the production manager.

Please send your resumes or CV’s to [email protected] in a word document or pdf format, with attention Production Shop Manager in the subject line.


Atelier de production – Directeur (agrégats et machines minières)

Sepro Mineral Systems Corp. est une société canadienne en pleine expansion (Montréal, Québec et Langley, BC) qui opère à l’échelle internationale dans les secteurs des mines, des métaux et des agrégats de construction. Depuis plus de 30 ans, l’activité principale de Sepro est la fourniture d’équipements et d’usines de traitement des minéraux, les essais métallurgiques et le conseil en procédés.

Notre établissement à Sainte-Anne de Bellevue (Montréal, QC) est en pleine croissance et nous avons un poste pour un directeur d’atelier de production.

Tâches :

• Les principales tâches consisteront à programmer et à superviser l’assemblage et les tests de nos différents produits de manière sûre et opportune.
• Gérer le service après-vente et les travaux sous garantie dans la région.
• Superviser les techniciens de l’atelier et s’assurer qu’ils respectent les procédures d’assemblage mécanique.
• Entretenir tous les outils, chariots élévateurs, ponts roulants, etc.
• Remplir les documents d’essai de l’usine et travailler avec le responsable de l’assurance qualité.
• Former les techniciens de l’atelier aux procédures mécaniques avancées.

Qualifications :

La préférence sera accordée aux personnes possédant un certificat pertinent ou ayant fait des études post-secondaires :

• Billet de mécanicien industriel/monteur d’engins (Sceau rouge canadien).
• Mécanicien de moteurs diesel, de véhicules lourds ou de véhicules commerciaux.
• Certification en électricité avec aptitude/expérience en mécanique.

Le candidat idéal possède les atouts suivants :

• 5+ ans en tant que mécanicien senior, certifié, ou responsable de la maintenance.
• Maîtrise du français et de l’anglais à l’oral et à l’écrit.
• Large expérience en mécanique, notamment en hydraulique, roulements, engrenages, soudage, etc.
• Compétent et à l’aise avec le travail électrique triphasé et le contrôle des moteurs.
• Expérience de la machinerie lourde de concassage, de criblage et d’agrégats.
• A travaillé dans un atelier d’équipement lourd ou dans un environnement de site minier/agrégat.
• Expérience des programmes Microsoft et des systèmes ERP

Compétences en mécanique :

• Capacité à lire et à comprendre les plans de fabrication, d’assemblage mécanique et d’électricité.
• Installation de roulements : boîtiers et arbres (jusqu’à 200mm)
• Procédures de retrait des roulements
• Réglage et mesure du jeu, de la précharge et du flottement des roulements.
• Utilisation précise d’appareils de mesure de précision (micromètres intérieur/extérieur, verniers, indicateurs à cadran, lunettes d’alésage).
• Installation de la suspension et des essieux de camion
• Aptitude pratique à la soudure et au découpage
• Comprendre les pratiques d’usinage
• Peut effectuer des procédures d’implantation mécanique
• Bonne compréhension des procédures d’alignement (courroie, engrenage, arbre, moteur) et capacité à les exécuter.
• Forte compréhension des circuits hydrauliques, de leur installation, de leur fonctionnement et de leur entretien
• Forte compréhension des systèmes électriques triphasés et des circuits de commande des moteurs
• Bonne compréhension des générateurs électriques diesel
• Rigger compétent, expérimenté dans le levage de plus de 30 tonnes.

Vous rejoindrez une petite équipe en pleine croissance ici à Montréal, avec un environnement de travail flexible et d’excellents avantages sociaux. Vous travaillerez à l’intérieur et le stationnement des employés est gratuit.

Ce poste est rémunéré au salaire, et non à l’heure. Les heures de travail sont régulières, du lundi au vendredi, sous la responsabilité du directeur de la production.

General Accountant

Sepro Mineral Systems Corp. is a growing Canadian Company (Montreal, Quebec and Langley, BC) operating internationally in the mining, metals, and construction aggregates industries. Sepro’s core business for the last 30+ years has been the supply of mineral processing equipment and plants, metallurgical testing, and process consulting.

This position is only available to Canadian residents.

Our head office in Langley, BC is looking to add to their dynamic Finance department, and has an opening for a General Accountant.

The General Accountant is responsible for various tasks, including month-end close duties, journal entries, maintenance of FX and other accruals. The General Accountant will also manage the Accounts Payable for SMPC, MSL, and SMPI. Reporting to the Accounting Manager, this role will also provide backup coverage for the AP Clerk. 3-5 years of related experience is required.

Finance Duties:

  • Month-end accrual journal entries
  • Recurring monthly entries
  • Intercompany shared expense journal entries
  • FX rates in IOS and SAGE
  • Monthly Stat Canada Surveys
  • Preparation of working papers
  • Assist in consolidation process
  • Assist in Audit fieldwork
  • Review of Visa Transactions (once automated)
  • Bank recs and month-end entries for some entities
  • Create Process Documents for variance Finance roles/tasks
  • Backup for AR
  • Other duties as assigned

AP Duties:

  • Enter and code invoices
  • Follow-up with departments/branches on invoice issues
  • Reconcile vendor accounts, respond to inquiries, investigate discrepancies
  • Credit applications
  • Prepare new vendor set ups and EFT setups
  • Process payments for government remittances
  • Review and enter employee expense reports
  • Review invoices and payments requests for proper approvals and backup
  • Other administrative duties as required
  • Month-end sub ledger to general ledger reconciliations
  • Assist in audit fieldwork for AP testing procedures
  • Update vendor info in IOS and SAGE

Additional duties as may be assigned