Headquartered in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, Sepro Group operates a number of bases around the world. Sepro provides a dynamic, challenging and enjoyable environment with excellent working conditions and benefits. Team members from departments such as engineering, sales and technical service work collaboratively to produce the best equipment and process solutions for our customers.

Our Values

Instead of listing what we feel our ideal values are, we took a different approach and asked employees at every level what they think Sepro values are, based on their experiences here at the company. Read on to learn what they had to say, below:

Innovation at Every Scale

Careers Innovation

“There are a lot of ways to innovate. Sometimes innovation means we create a brand new type of technology, and sometimes it means we find the problems in existing technology and fix them.” – Engineering employee. 

“Sepro genuinely encourages everyone to think outside the box, whether it’s design or logistics, or just helping the customer get the result they want.” – Quality assurance employee.

Integrity and Service for Our Customers – Putting Them First

“The reason I applied to work at Sepro eight years ago, is they were the only one that asked me if I took pride in my work. Everyone here does.” – Shop employee. 

“I’m out on site and I can see that we go above and beyond what’s expected of companies to support our customer. We take our warranties very seriously. It’s nice to know we really stand behind our product.” -Tech services employee. 

“The customer’s needs are the top priority. We’ll adjust our processes and logistics to keep a customer satisfied.” – Accounting employee.

Continuously Improving Our Products and Each Other

“Even as Sepro has grown, we have maintained the agility we’ve had from day one in improving constantly. We’re always asking ‘how can we be better’? When someone has an idea for a small change that’ll help, we make those small changes. It adds up to big improvements.” – Quality assurance employee. 

“We’re always making changes for the better. If I see a problem and point it out, we won’t wait to fix it.” -Tech services employee.

Quality Benefits Matter

Every company will have their own means of being competitive with salaries, benefit plans and vacation time – including Sepro. We asked employees how the benefits we offer contribute to their lives and well-being,  and a few common themes emerged:

Family and Health

Every employee had a story about how Sepro valued their family life, mental health and medical needs. 

“I had a surgery and was worried about recovery, but they really went out of their way to support me.” – Shop employee. 

“Sepro is so family oriented. They value our lives outside of work, and I think it helps make us even more productive because there’s that balance.” -Tech services employee.


Another common theme was respect; employees felt like they were respected as people, as well as  professionals. 

“Accomplishments are genuinely acknowledged and rewarded. Once you’ve demonstrated your skills, those skills are respected and trusted.” – Sales employee. 

“No one in the company is unapproachable – at every level, everyone is humble. Anyone can go talk to our CEO, Mark Van Kleek, and have their opinion heard and valued.” – Shop employee. 

Sepro Encourages a Positive Atmosphere

Working hard is great, but enjoying yourself is great too – and that’s something some employees mentioned they appreciated. 

“At a certain level, you have to come to work and enjoy it. The company works hard to run events that are actually fun and that employees want to do.” – Accounting staff. 

“I really liked that they took us to see Star Wars. It’s just different from what you’d expect.” – Anonymous, self-proclaimed nerd.