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We'll be at AGG1 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee from March 29-31. Come visit us at Booth 1509 and drop off a business card for that sweet second chance to win! You can also pick up a snazzy Sepro hat and a slick pair of work gloves.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz and prove your metal mettle today!

HINT: If you need some help, our Aggregates Line Card has the answers to some of the trickier questions

What is Sepro's closed circuit, road-portable primary impact crusher plant called?
Which crusher can do both primary and secondary crushing by itself?
Which crusher is NOT a compression crusher?
Cone crushers are most often used for primary crushing. Is this statement:
How many road-portable trailers does the SPI5000 require in order to include both a screen and impact crusher in the closed circuit plant?
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