At a time when safety, sustainability, and productivity are being emphasized it is becoming increasingly important that the equipment we use performs optimally for your specific requirements. Equipment malfunctions, repairs, and other preventable downtimes will add stress to your workforce and may negatively affect your bottom line. Taking proactive measures, like purchasing the right equipment, will maximize production, keeping your project on schedule and profitable. Cone crushers are an integral part of any aggregate project, which makes buying one a critical task. Here is our guide to buying the right cone crusher.

Project Size

Cone crushers come in a variety of sizes. Large ones can weigh as much as 95,000 kg creating 750kW of crushing power. These machines are difficult to transport and install but are incredibly powerful. If you have a large quarry, one of these machines might be right for you. In general, most cone crushers are built with large projects in mind, making these machines readily available.  

Recently there has been an increase in small and medium-sized mining operations around the globe, creating demand for small but robust and powerful cone crushers. The problems that these smaller operations face are that most modern cone crushers are built for large projects, and small cone crushers have traditionally relied on outdated technology and have lacked necessary safety features. This spurred the creation of Sepro’s Blackhawk 100 cone crusher. Sepro’s engineering team designed a high powered piece of durable equipment, specifically for these projects. The Blackhawk weighs only 7,700 kg but turns out 90kW of power and employs state of the art safety features.

Opening Feed And Discharge Setting

When purchasing a cone crusher, you should know the size of the rock that will enter the machine and the desired product size. You can then check the cone crusher’s specifications to find one that will work for your project. Sepro’s Blackhawk cone crusher’s feed and discharge sizes are as follows:

Blackhawk 100 Cone Crusher Sizing Chart

Work Capacity

Having an estimated work capacity in Mtph (metric tons per hour) will also factor into your crone crusher selection. The finer you would like your final product, the lower your capacity will typically be. Large machines can produce a coarse aggregate at a rate of over 1,000Mtph! While not producing an extremely fine product, these crushers can undoubtedly work in large quantities.

Sepro’s Blackhawk cone crusher can maintain a high output while generating a fine product.

Blackhawk 100 Specs

Other Considerations

Purchasing aggregate equipment with Sepro is more than just buying a product. We also supply a full range of technical services to make sure your project is a success. We can provide help with installation, staff training, ongoing customer support and much more. This is the Sepro advantage.

Want to experience the Sepro advantage for yourself? Contact one of our cone crusher experts today, to get started.