Whether it’s brand new products that drive the mineral processing industry forward or alterations to our internal processes, Sepro Systems is committed to innovation. As one of our foundational pillars, innovation gives us the drive to take risks, develop superior mineral processing and aggregate equipment, and analyze our internal procedures on a regular basis. This, in turn, allows us to deliver the highest value possible to our customers. 

Last year, we took part in a lean manufacturing course. The course focused on improving our internal processes to cut down on manufacturing costs, minimizing time delays, and improving customer service quality for our mineral processing customers. The course was centred on continuous improvement, which we’ve taken to heart. Now our customers are better equipped to hit their targets, regardless of market conditions.

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1. Developing New Mineral Processing Equipment

Sepro’s commitment to innovation is demonstrated by the mineral processing equipment we manufacture. In the last few decades, we’ve developed top-of-the-line gravity concentrators, which improve the recovery rates of metals and minerals at incredibly fine sizes. We’ve also developed aggregate equipment like the Blackhawk Cone Crusher, which has the power of a much larger machine, stuffed inside a compact body. More recently, we’ve unveiled our newest piece of aggregate equipment – our Impact Crusher. The Impact Crusher is an all-in-one comminution solution for contractors wanting a mobile crushing solution. 

You can be sure we’ve got a few more R&D projects up our sleeves to improve gold recovery rates, crushing efficiency, and more. So stay tuned for those!

2. Improving Outdated Processes

The mineral processing industry has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. 


Innovation drives us to question the status quo and invest in systems that will ultimately better our entire industry. If you’ve been following along with Resource Canada’s Crush It! Challenge, then you know we’re developing a microwave-assisted comminution system which provides up to 70% in energy savings versus standard comminution processes. Erin Bobicki, Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, spoke with us recently on the implications of this system in our very first Sepro Podcast. 

Sepro is also a leader in recovering metals and minerals from an urban mining perspective. Our Fine Slag Treatment Plant can recover particles from recycled e-waste at sizes previously thought impossible. This reduces our need to harvest virgin material, which is becoming more critical as we move towards a circular economy. 

3. Reducing Operational Downtime

Our customers benefit substantially from our investment in innovation and continuous improvement. We’ve developed a Customized Parts Plan which can be adapted for one piece of mineral processing equipment, all the way up to an entire on-site operation.  

A customized parts plan saves our customers time and money by reducing equipment downtime and ensuring parts are delivered on-time at competitive prices. Support is always available for our customers as well, no matter where their operation is located. 

Sepro always keeps OEM parts in-stock, as well as aftermarket parts that fit many brands and equipment. A wide variety of parts for mineral processing equipment including gravity concentrators (Falcon and Knelson), screens and feeders (vibrating bodies, motors, bearings and screen media), crushers (Sepro and Hewitt Robins), scrubbers, mills and agglomeration drums (drive components and liners) are available.

As we’re continuously improving our internal processes, part orders are fast and accurate. We have maintenance and process experts on staff to help with the selection of components, wear materials, and advise you on how different choices may change process performance. 

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If you’re looking to improve your current mineral processing operation or need a replacement part for your aggregate equipment fast, contact the experts at Sepro Systems. We’re here to help you hit your goals, no matter what.