Monthly Archives: April 2019

  • 04.25.19

    Maximizing Tin and Tungsten Recovery

    Mining projects around the globe are facing the challenge of recovering ultra-fine metals from low-grade deposits. Due to the global demand for metals like tin and tungsten, mines are beginning to dry up. Companies are being forced to squeeze out every last particle of valuable material to maintain… Read More

  • 04.16.19

    Sepro Hosts A Lean Manufacturing Course

    Sepro Mineral Systems is committed to delivering the highest value possible to our customers. We take an enormous amount of pride in helping customers achieve their mineral processing goals, such as TMAC Resources, who recently achieved record level rates of gold recovery. Indeed, the value we are able… Read More

  • 04.10.19

    The Science Behind Gravity Separation

    Gravity separation has been used for centuries to separate different minerals and metals based on their specific gravity. Some of the earliest recordings of this science in practice are from Ancient Egypt as workers panned for gold in the Nile river. While today’s geology enthusiasts still pan for… Read More

    Gravity acting on water droplets
  • 04.04.19

    How Exploding Stars Form Precious Metals + Infographic

    Gold is extra-terrestrial. The precious metals that we look for deep in the Earth’s crust were formed billions of years ago in space. Through cataclysmic events, these metals were transported and settled all over our planet in microscopic concentrations. Effective gold recovery at these low levels is now… Read More