Monthly Archives: January 2019

  • 01.24.19

    Simplicity – The Key To The Best Mineral Processing Equipment

    Never satisfied with the status quo, Sepro’s heavy investment in research and development has produced some of the most innovative mineral processing equipment available. One of the key ingredients to our groundbreaking designs is simplicity. Our Tyre Drive Scrubbers, Grinding Mills, and Blackhawk Cone Crushers are just a… Read More

  • 01.14.19

    Are We Experiencing A New Canadian Gold Rush?

    Several major mining projects in Canada’s North are scheduled to begin production in the next few years bringing employment and economic growth to the area. The Yukon will have two brand-new gold mines expected to open in the next 5 years alongside the proposal of what could be… Read More

  • 01.11.19

    Supporting The Best Mineral Processing Equipment On The Market

    Imagine the downtime and loss of productivity that can result from your mineral processing equipment being installed incorrectly, and your staff looking for directions on how to rectify the problem. Hopefully, you’ll never have to experience this situation! It’s not enough to have the best mineral processing equipment… Read More