Monthly Archives: November 2018

  • 11.23.18

    TMAC Achieves Record Gold Recovery Performance With Falcon SB

    TMAC Resources have just had a record-setting quarter by measure of tonnes mined, tonnes processed, gold production and gold sales. Gold recovery improvements have been attributed to their investment in gravity concentrator units like the Falcon SB400. TMAC is so pleased with their performance that they have ordered… Read More

  • 11.22.18

    How Gravity Separation Can Reduce The Impact On The Environment

    When some people think of a gold mine, they may think of huge caverns, walls glittering and gold nuggets scattered about waiting to be collected. You’ve struck it rich! But this is far from the truth. Gold is mostly found encased in other rock types and to have… Read More

    Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator
  • 11.07.18

    Could Mineral Processing Companies Be Looking To Nova Scotia?

    In a recent Fraser Institute survey of global mining executives, Nova Scotia was revealed to be one of the least attractive places to invest in. A new project titled, “The Minerals Play Fairway” project looks into $19.5 million funding to research the potential Nova Scotia could have for… Read More