• 04.25.18

    What Happened At The International Tin Conference 2018

    This year ITRI’s International Tin Conference took place in Budapest, Hungary and came to a close today. While the conference may have returned to Europe for the first time in several years, the talks were largely focused on Asia and South America. Tin Mining In China, Indonesia (And… Read More

  • 04.19.18

    How Sepro Is Helping Reduce Water Usage In The Mining Industry

    April 22nd marks Earth Day 2018. It is a day where people across the world, focus on the environmental issues facing our planet. From plastic pollution to deforestation, overfishing to water usage. The mining industry has a presence in almost every continent on earth and therefore has a… Read More

    Falcon SB Gravity Concentrators
  • 04.11.18

    What Influenced The Creation Of Sepro’s Blackhawk Cone Crusher

    Sepro is dedicated to investing in research and development to produce equipment that supports mineral processing companies as this industry evolves. It was after years of research that the ground-breaking technology behind our Blackhawk100 Cone Crusher was created. The Blackhawk Cone Crusher’s Size Anyone in the mining and… Read More

    Blackhawk Cone Crusher
  • 04.06.18

    Working With Sepro To Improve Mineral Processing Efficiency

    Whenever mineral processing companies come to us for new equipment, efficiency is always a key focus. The more efficient a project, the lower the operation cost and, the lower its environmental impact. Saving money and the environment are two things most project managers want. How Can Mineral Processing… Read More

    Condor Dense Medium Separator