• 06.05.18

    Mark Van Kleek On Environmentally Friendly Technologies

    As today is World Environment Day, we thought we would sit down with Sepro’s president, Mark Van Kleek, to discuss his extensive experience with environmentally friendly mining and aggregate solutions. Here’s what he had to say. How did your experience with environmentally friendly technologies begin? “The most memorable… Read More

    Mark Van Kleek
  • 06.04.18

    Investigating The Value Of Pre-Concentration

    Read Lundt and Grewal’s full technical paper on the value of pre-concentration for different mineral applications. Read More

    Condor Dense Medium Separators
  • 05.31.18

    Are Gold Concentrators Worth The Investment?

    It is thought that gold is so rare that the amount of steel created in one hour is equivalent to the amount of gold poured since humans first began using it. Gold really is a precious metal and that is why producers look for the most efficient equipment… Read More

    Gold mining
  • 05.15.18

    Ontario’s Aggregate Resources and Mining Modernization Act: One Year On

    On May 9 last year, Ontario passed the new act called the Aggregate Resources and Mining Modernization Act. It was an overhaul of two separate acts, the Mining Act, and the Aggregates Act, that aimed to make it easier for mineral and aggregate producers in Ontario. Why Did… Read More

    Photo credit: Mariusz Prusaczyk