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Sepro Condor Dense Medium Separators

Dense Medium Separation


Key Advantages

  • High separation efficiency
  • Large feed top size capacity
  • High throughput capacity
  • Direct feed
    • By conveyor belt, vibrating screen or feeder
    • No pumping of feed solids, only medium is pumped
  • Multi-stage separation and multi-product separation
    • Rougher/scavenger, rougher/cleaner heavy liquid separation duties
    • High sinks capacity
    • Sink products may be combined or separated
  • Sepro pre-engineered Dense Medium Separator Plants
    • Fast delivery
    • Custom and transportable
    • Rapid start of production
    • Commissioning and training

The dynamic, multi-stage Condor Dense Medium Separator (DMS) gives Sepro Mineral Systems a leading position in advanced multi-stage separation technology. A minimum of two separation stages are inherent in a Sepro Condor Dense Medium Separator, resulting in high product separation efficiency in rougher/scavenger or rougher/cleaner dense medium multi-product applications. Dense Medium Separation is typically used in a pre-concentration duty prior to processing or milling to reject barren material and reduce downstream CAPEX and OPEX costs. Sepro Mineral Systems supplies customizable and transportable Dense Medium Separator Plants for a wide variety of application requirements.

Sepro’s standard two product (concentrate, tailings) Dense Medium Separator Plant utilizes a two stage Condor DMS and single density medium circuit, while the three product (concentrate, middlings, tailings) Dense Medium Separation Plant utilizes a three stage Condor DMS and two medium circuits at high and low density.

The Condor Dense Medium Separator is simple to feed, usually by a conveyor belt or from a vibrating screen. Abrasive or friable ore is not pumped resulting in reduced power requirements, equipment (pump, Dense Medium separator, piping) maintenance costs and reduced ore breakage and fines generation. The compact Condor Separator makes it possible to convert a conventional two product DMS pre concentration cyclone into a three product operation.

**for product awareness purposes note that Dense Media Separation is also referred to as dense medium separator, three product separator, tri-flo multistage separator, multi product separator, and heavy liquid separation. Although there are slight differences in the description they are the same process.

  • 300mm 3 stage DM separator
  • 300mm 3 stage Dense Medium Separator
  • 400mm 2 stage Dense Medium Separator
  • 500mm 2 stage x 4 Dense Medium Separators
  • 700mm 1 stage pilot Dense Medium Separator